Maine Uy: What it takes to be a SHEeo

Her love for the arts, culture, and all things feminine are very evident in every business she’s created. Our SHEeo, Maine Uy, definitely is a person we can describe as ‘soignè,’ a French word that means possessing an aura of sophistication and elegance.
Maine believes that having a strong support system is significant for every woman’s success, so she devoted herself to creating a community for women entrepreneurs who are looking to find support and learnings from fellow SHEeos.

The SHEeo Society

The people we surround ourselves with greatly influence our growth and success. And if you’re a woman who wants her business to grow, thrive, and succeed, we think this club is just what you’re looking for.
The SHEeo Society is a club for modern women entrepreneurs. It intends to help ease business planning, development, and management processes by giving them the right tools as the foundation, giving them the platform, the community, and of course, the support for success.
This modern salon, as we call it, aims to help women entrepreneurs through an intentional, mindful, and most of all, authentic thought process that will enable them to build, grow, and scale a business they can call their own.

"I established The SHEeo Society because once upon a time, I'm seeking a safe space for women to thrive. During my first few years as a SHEeo, I was young, naive, and quite lost. I saw the importance of having a strong support system that pushes you to keep things goings. And I never want my SHEeos to go through what I had to go through. And that's why I'm sharing my high-value and high-intentional knowledge through The Club."


The Founder and Salonniere

Armed with almost 8 years of tasteful brand experience, this SHEeo started the TMC Creative Agency and designed brands like The Good Trade, Electric Studio, Bruno’s Barbers, Tipsy Pig, Frank and Dean Cofee, Te Frazzled Cook, Repent MNL, Tonic Shoes, and Twill Cavern. She also graduated with honors in Advertising Management at De La Salle University, Manila. With all these achievements, Maine thinks that the biggest challenge she has encountered was herself.

"I am my own biggest critic. Sometimes it may sound like a faint whisper, there are many times that this voice of doubt can be as loud as you can imagine. I don't think it ever goes away, these whispers and voices of ours... But we can all learn to master it by doing it the right way. What I would normally do is to take a few steps back, slow down, and enjoy my 'Dolce Far Niente' moments. We have to be mindful of our bodily cues and be aware of our patterns. Let things work for us and simply allow things to flow."

According to Maine, The SHEeo Society is the culmination of all the experiences that inspired and influenced her to create and keep things going. When she was creating this community, all she wants is to show the world the stripped-down version of herself. In French, it’s called ‘Je Nais Se Quois,’ which for her equates to effortless, authentic, and intentional.
When she’s not at work, Maine loves to discover new things, new hobbies, and new places as a constant stimulation for growth. During the pandemic, she furthered her knowledge about wines and spirits. Tasting wines from different parts of the world and mastering the art of mixing a good G&T. Maine always seeks a way to apply her new learnings and experiences to the things she creates, especially for The SHEeo Society.

"A SHEeo walks the talk, knows what she wants, and uses her influence and raw innate power from within to get what she wants and where she wants to be. It is for women with the intent to start. For the women who understand that it all starts within."

More than just a women's club

The SHEEo society also aims to spark meaningful conversations and enable genuine connections by putting your most authentic selves at the fore of it all. It is a safe space where you can be who you want to be without being judged or being labeled as too much.

Make your brand succeed

The Perfect Pitch Master Sessions and Private Dining

Currently, The SHEeo Society offers a two-part Master Sessions to find your voice, become your own advocate, and craft the perfect pitch, which starts on January 31st. So if you’re serious about building your brand and growing your business, we think this is an excellent opportunity for you to be a visible entrepreneur and learn how to advocate your brand with the perfect pitch.
Save your seats because our SHEeo is only accepting a limited number of participants. We don’t usually get an amazing offer like this from a high-value brand.  We love that you don’t only get a two-part master session and a dinner with Maine, you also get an all-access club membership and more!

So what does it take to be a SHEeo?

"A SHEeo's journey is never a smooth sailing one. And know that the path shows as you go. And during times of doubt, all you have to do is come home to yourself. The answers you're looking for is already within you. You simply must take action and begin within."

You already have what it takes, queen! You just simply begin within! Cheers!

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