Health: Invest in life’s most essential asset

There is power with good health. Is it time to level up with yours? 
Would you agree that as we are going through the current global challenge of controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a deeper realization that our health is one of, if not the most, greatest asset that we all need to be investing in? 
Would you also agree that the best time to invest in your health is now? 
How does investment work? We know that for any good investment- you need to have a capital of some sort to begin with and have the intention of growing and building it. Its return would vary based on the time invested, amount of contribution and the level of risks taken. Of course, there are always the uncontrolled factors like calamities and pandemics like Covid19 that would influence it dipping high and low but one can get to some level of security with a well thought out and planned out investment. 
This is similar for your health and wellness. The capital is your health and the growth and yield is your wellness. Can you see this? Would you agree? 
If this is so, there’s a need for you to review where you are and where you’re heading with your asset- your health. After all, what direction would your health be heading if you didn’t pay attention to it? Just look up “chronic health conditions” (both physical and mental in nature) to get a glimpse of what happens when health is neglected and ignored. 
Is 2021 the year that you are ready to claim your health as your asset?  
Hopefully, that’s a yes and that you are willing to invest in it to get the highest yield! 

Imagine the power of healthier you.

Here are some guiding tips to get you started on the right side of things. 
Ask yourself how your health is. Like, really, check within when you answer this question. How is your health? Refrain from saying “I’m ok” or “It’s ok”. Expand on that a little bit more because “I’m ok” is vague and can mean several things that may actually not be ok, and do you really want your health to just be “ok”? 
Reflect on your intentions for your wellbeing, create one and set it. Setting intentions is beyond having health goals. Goals may change depending on current events and happenings. And at times, they are forgotten. Intentions can be more meaningful in that it can be your guiding star per se as you go through your day to day existence. You may go astray with your plans, goals may change, and things may not work out the way you thought they would, but you have your health intentions to guide you back to what you intend for your health and wellness. So ask yourself how well do you want to be? Let that be your health intention- your guiding star when it comes to your wellbeing. 
Review your resources. What is it that you use or you have that you can invest in enhancing and improving this indispensable asset- your health? These may be your various self-care activities. 

Your habits contribute to your overall well-being.

Note that self-care here does not mean pampering yourself in a spa. You want to be looking at those daily things that you do that contribute to your overall wellbeing- balancing, rejuvenating, and enhancing your health. On the flip side of things, you also want to look at those depleting your health. Start with looking at those that contribute to the toxic load of your body and mind. What sort of things are those? Consider what you are buying and how you are consuming- household products, food items, etc. Let’s not forget overexposure to social media. 

Work with a health and wellness coach.

A holistic one and most qualified. While it’s a common practice to see medical doctors when we are ill, there is a need to take a more proactive approach for your wellbeing to protect such an important asset. Working with a holistic health coach is empowering. It would help guide you to explore and improve in many ways and different levels on how you can invest in your health while integrating natural health solutions to incorporate and support your wellbeing. A coach can help you see whether your current way of investing in your health leads you to a direction where you consciously want to go – towards your better health and wellness. 
About The Author
Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz is a Registered Nurse (Canada) and a holistic health and wellness coach. She empowers her clients in bettering their health and wellness holistically by improving on self-care and building their mental resilience using natural health solutions and practices like essential oils, yoga, meditation, and nature therapy. Glenda is also a diabetes educator, a mental health care provider, and an essential oil educator. With a true passion for health and wellness, she believes that #betterhealth for all begins with being an informed consumer of health care services and exploration of healthier ways of living to support the body and the mind. She offers her services online via her FB Page Wellness Essentials and wellness retreats at a small farm in Behia, Tiaong, Quezon. 

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