Celebrity Life Coach, Myke Celis, launches #MyPocketCoach

Do you have this feeling of wanting to talk to someone about your dreams, plans, and even your struggles but couldn’t because of the many things you need to consider? Don’t you just want to have that sense of clarity and being able to release yourself from limiting beliefs or what’s holding you back so you can really live the life you love?
As much as we love our friends and family, and we always want to confide our thoughts to them, they can’t always provide us with objective advice. We know they only want what’s good for us, but what they want may not always be the best for us. Moreover, most people don’t want to burden those they love with their struggles on a weekly basis. It would be better to speak to someone who has dedicated their life to coaching.
If you’re someone who has been wanting to try how life coaching works, and wants to experience being coached by a professional who truly walks the talk, then you might want to check out my coach, Myke Celis.
A lot of people nowadays are seeing the value of life coaching.  Most successful people have been grateful for the massive contribution of their life coaches to their success and well-being. Being coached is about being able to speak to someone without worries of being judged or labeled; someone who doesn’t know everyone you know who can give you guidance that is genuine and objective. A good life coach shouldn’t tell you what to do but guide you on truly finding yourself, your dreams, and becoming the best version of you.
Coaches do not have the answers. They have powerful questions. Things like- What do you really want? What’s holding you back? What actions should you take? Life coaches will help you find the answers and they’re already within you.  They help you dig to the root of and see patterns in your life that you may be totally missing and help you see which beliefs help and which are not.
Finding the right coach is essential. We want to work with someone who walks the talk, speaks our language, and has the pure intention of helping us live our best life. I have talked to many coaches as I am also a certified and trained life coach myself. I went with my gut and invested with someone who has a similar pedigree. I immediately knew my prayers were answered when I met Myke Celis in a coaching training so I’m proud to say, I am one of his unicorn coachees.  I was able to find the queen in me because of his help.

Who is Myke Celis?

Myke Celis is a  Professional, Certified Global Master Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute (USA) and Coachology (Thailand). He is also a Master Coach for Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Timeline Therapist, and an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Named by well-known media channels in the Philippines as “The Celebrity Life Coach” and the netizens as “The Unicorn Coach,” Myke will motivate you with wit and wisdom to build your dreams, be authentically you, and become your #bestmeever.
Myke is also a radio talk show host and an international best-selling author of four #bestmeever book series. He is also a life coach to many professionals, celebrities, and successful people globally. 
He recently launched this new program called #MyPocketCoach which, we think, is a perfect fit for on-the-go individuals who want to be motivated, inspired, and level up each day.

What is #MyPocketCoach and How does it work

We’re tired of workshops, seminars, and coaching programs that do the ‘one size fits all’ thing. Those who apply the same approach where we find ourselves listening to the same content and structure again and again. And then what? After undergoing all these, did we really get clear on what we want for ourselves? Did we really move forward?
In this program, each coachee will have a different approach, as Coach Myke believes that we are all unique- we have different experiences, languages, dreams, thoughts, hearts, and minds. Every person is different. So he came up with this curated and virtual coaching program that will allow you to choose your sessions’ focus.
#MyPocketCoach is your virtual coaching companion that will help you be your best wherever you are when you’re ready. Your coaching program will be tailor-fitted accordingly to your needs at your own pace. How amazing would that be to be coached at your convenience daily, right?
First, you are going to choose your coaching focus: healing, clarity, goal-setting, transitioning, this will be asked during your pre-coaching call. 
#MyPocketCoach includes

How much is the investment?

#MyPocketCoach is available in packages of 5,8,12, and 24 days.
Ready to finally become your #Bestmeever and be a part of Coach Myke’s unicorn tribe? 

Send an email of intent to myke@bestmeever.com.

More than ever, it’s always a good time to invest in yourself and your growth.
Coach Myke Celis is also offering his other programs and one-on-one coaching packages. To know more about these, visit his website at https://www.coach-mykecelis.com/ .
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