Working from home tips for better productivity

When the pandemic came, the work from home set up also became the new normal for many of us. All of a sudden, home becomes our workplace too so the struggle is real when it comes to working as it can get cozy and comfortable being at home. It’s 2021, and there’s still an on-going pandemic situation around the globe. We still have no idea when this pandemic will end but for now, it’s our responsibility to follow safety protocols and stay at home whenever possible and help reduce the spread of Covid-19.
Remotely working home has its good and bad sides. With the rise of the pandemic, many emotions surfaced as well, because of fear, uncertainty, and worries of what’s going to happen next. We didn’t expect that working from home or studying from home would require double the effort. We genuinely believe that perspective matters. It influences our work ethic and determination to get things done. Here’s a lineup of tips for everyone working from home. We all could use a thing or two to keep us going.

Create a morning routine. 

I find it crucial that you must start your day right to have a productive day. Sticking to your morning routine will keep you ready for the day. Include making to-do lists and writing down top priority work of the day. That way, you know where your focus should be and do not leave anything behind. A part of a good morning routine is making sure you are hydrated, well-rested, and have a full stomach. Even a walk for 15 minutes would be a great start to your day. 

Have your permanent workspace. 

It’s essential to have everything in one place when it comes to working stuff. Along with this, you could decorate your desk with motivational quotes and reminders to keep you going when going gets hard. Having a permanent workspace and being there during work puts you into work mode. As I said, it can get cozy and comfortable being at home so make sure to keep your workspace away from distractions. When you have a permanent workspace, it’s like you’re in the zone and ready to get working. Not easily distracted by the bed or the sofa or the tv or food! 

Take small breaks. 

It is crucial to take small breaks during the day for better productivity. Your brain cannot function if it’s drained or, worse, burned out. Taking short breaks will help you get back to work more efficiently and work effectively, producing quality work output. Anything that will help your mind relax and recharge for a bit. For everyone, breaks and relaxation are different ventures. But as simple as stretching, standing from your chair, getting coffee, drinking water will surely do the trick. 
We should always remember not to be too hard on ourselves. Work can be frustrating, and there are days of struggle. Therefore, we should be forgiving of ourselves and learn to cope with the changes around us. Thus, let go of what is out of our control.
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Abby Gael Angel

Abby Gael Angel

Abby is a mom, writer, and event's host. She also works as a brand journalist for a skincare product.

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