Inner Peace: A Wellness Essential

Inner Peace.
What is inner Peace?
Is it a space that exists within us or is it more of a feeling that is fleeting and evasive that we find ourselves in a state of confusion and at times, questioning of life?
What comes to mind when you hear inner Peace?
What does it feel like when you think of inner Peace?
Say inner Peace with the intention of feeling what it implies. Say it a few times, being fully intentional with feeling it as you repeat.
What do you notice? How’s your voice when you say inner Peace as you are intentionally feeling it? What about your breathing- did it change? Did you sigh as you said inner Peace? How did you feel when you said the words intentionally?
Inner Peace.
Are you searching for inner Peace?
There is no shortage of information or articles out there about inner Peace. Would you agree that it is probably one of the most sought after in our modern times?
So what is inner Peace and how does one attain it?
In the process of writing this article, I asked my son what he thinks inner Peace is. (My son lives with chronic symptoms of schizophrenia- a condition where the ability to filter and pretend is lost)
“Sanctum,” he quickly said.
So I googled sanctum- “a sacred or holy place”, “a place where one is free from intrusion”, “a private place”, similar to refuge or sanctuary.
An accurate description for inner Peace, yes?
In today’s modern world and in our current times, how many of us experience inner Peace?
How do you know you have inner Peace? Or when you don’t?
Here are some points worth sharing to help with understanding inner Peace- from lessons in my own personal journey through my dark and chaotic times and also from my professional practice working with clients who struggle with behaviours that are self-harming.
Without inner Peace, it is easier to be toxic to self (knowingly and unknowingly) or to take actions and make decisions that are harming oneself (intentionally or unintentionally). Take notice of such actions or decisions- they are often conveniently embedded in your daily patterns and habits that you often think, “I really need to stop that”. What are those for you?
We are kinder and gentler to ourselves when we have inner Peace. The quality of our choices in life is better when we are gentler and kinder to our own self. In today’s world, we all need to be collectively making better choices in life for our well-being. How kind and gentle are you to yourself?
Many of us settle for rare glimpses of inner Peace as we go whirling through our daily way of living and being. How much inner Peace do you have throughout your day?
How is your health and wellbeing impacted by your inner Peace, or lack of it?
Your health depends on how you go about your day. With inner Peace, there is better health and a higher level of wellness.
How do you attain inner Peace?
Practice, practice, practice.
Mindfully practice to discover inner Peace and create space for it.
Without practice, inner Peace would be at a distance and its opposites will take their place, driving your decisions and choices that you make in life. How well would you be then?
In searching for and cultivating inner Peace- go holistic.

Pause and Breathe

Inner Peace can start with pausing to breathe. Mindfully breathe, with aromatherapy as an adjunct to enhance this wellness essential. Highlighting the importance of using pure, high quality, tested grade essential oils, to communicate with the limbic system part of your brain to create the feeling of inner peace even more.

Let go

Inner Peace can grow as you notice your thoughts and feelings that robs you of it. Acknowledge what you notice, and intentionally let them go like clouds in the sky, without attaching to any of them. Feelings and thoughts naturally come and go.  Practice choosing which to keep to cultivate your inner Peace.

Your posture matters

Inner Peace is connected with your posture, literally. Take notice of your body posture as you go about your day. Open your chest and relax your shoulders. Chin up with jaw relaxed. Hip slightly tucked in. Create the needed physical space for air and the energy it brings to flow through your body to nurture your inner Peace.


Inner Peace is nourished with moving your body. We are designed to move and with movements there is improved blood flow- bringing what is needed to maintain balance and harmony to every single cells in your body. It’s called homeostasis- inner Peace at the cellular level. 


Inner Peace is easier to attain when we are well hydrated- underrated but foundational for sustaining inner Peace. Dehydration causes internal imbalance in so many levels and that throws off your inner Peace. (Try adding a drop or two of doTERRA citrus oils with your water for cleansing and clarifying as you give your body this foundational piece.)
There are many ways to cultivate and strengthen your inner Peace.
Recognize when you need help and seek effective ways to attain and sustain your inner Peace. Work with a qualified holistic wellness/wellbeing coach who can guide you in a way that you need to be guided towards your inner Peace- a wellness essential.
Be well.
About The Author
Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz is a Registered Nurse (Canada) and a holistic health and wellness coach. She empowers her clients in bettering their health and wellness holistically by improving on self-care and building their mental resilience using natural health solutions and practices like essential oils, yoga, meditation, and nature therapy. Glenda is also a diabetes educator, a mental health care provider, and an essential oil educator. With a true passion for health and wellness, she believes that #betterhealth for all begins with being an informed consumer of health care services and exploration of healthier ways of living to support the body and the mind. She offers her services online via her FB Page Wellness Essentials and wellness retreats at a small farm in Behia, Tiaong, Quezon. 

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