Aromatherapy and the healing power it brings

Don’t you just wish you feel awesome, stress-free, and in a good mood every single time?
Did you know that there is this part of our brain called the limbic system that controls our emotions and it has an influence on the thinking part of the brain?
The limbic system part of the brain is very closely connected to the olfactory cells that’s responsible for your sense of smell. Think of a time that you smelled something, and it triggered a happy feeling, maybe bringing back a good memory. Or, vice versa, a scent that is unpleasant, affecting your mood negatively, which leads to irritable thoughts and actions that were also not pleasant. All this from smelling something. Now imagine if you can intentionally shift your mood positively, that leads to better thoughts and actions. That could be some powerful healing happening right!
That’s healing through aromatherapy!
Aromatherapy is a practice that has been around for centuries (about 265 B.C actually).
Earlier civilizations have been using aromatherapy in a variety of ways, from soothing ointments to burning incense for healing but it is the ancient Egyptians who are well known to be the pioneers for this practice- using aromatic oils from plants in incense, medicine, massage, skincare and cosmetics, and also in their practice of preserving the dead kings and queens.
So what exactly is aromatherapy and what healing power does it bring?
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of naturally occurring aromatic compounds from plants that are known to have healing benefits. These aromatic compounds are what we know as essential oils.
The essential oil of a plant is sometimes regarded as the immune system for the plant as it is what responds when a part is injured- to help the plant heal. Essentially- aromatherapy is harnessing this healing power of plants.
The ancient Egyptians were on to something when it comes to healing and preserving the body- not so ancient after all!
Fast-forwarding to now, with research and modern technology, you can have this amazing gift from nature at your fingertips, literally! You can buy essential oils of frankincense, vetiver, sandalwood, lavender and copaiba for example, without having to go out in the jungle and wilderness to forage for parts of these amazing plants and trees! Thanks to nature, modern science and technology!
With that said, there is a lack of regulation for the essential oil industry. There are many companies that take advantage of this and they provide clients and consumers products that are synthetic, with impurities, poorer quality, and not quality tested. The users are often unaware of this, therefore missing out on the natural healing benefits of the essential oils, and sometimes suffer from adverse reactions from the not so pure and poor quality essential oils.
Trust your body when you get a headache or shortness of breath from inhaling lesser-quality essential oils, or when the health concern that you have is not being addressed after using the product consistently. Your body knows what is healing- listen to what your body tells you.
If the goal then is better health and a higher level of wellness, it is essential for your health and wellness so be mindful of the source of your essential oils and choose pure, high-quality, tested grade essential oils.
With a reliable and trustworthy source of essential oils, you can harness the power of aromatherapy in a variety of ways, primarily aromatic, topical, and internal, to help you with improving your health. Live empowered with better health and be prepared for anything!
Here are a few tips on how to choose a reliable and trustworthy source of pure and high-quality essential oils.


the company must be providing product information in the same way as pharmaceutical companies provide product monograph, informing you of the oil, where the oil is from, what part of the plant it’s from, the distillation process, the natural active chemical compounds that are in the oil, the effects of the oil, how to use the oil, side effects if any, and any other pertinent research on the aromatic compounds of the plant. If the company can’t provide this, question the quality and decide what your health deserves. Pursue what’s pure and tested. Your health matters.

Quality Testing

the company must be able to provide that the product is tested by a reliable third party and the result must be made public for accountability. Gone are the days that we simply take things for its face value. If the goal is better health, then be informed of what you are getting and demand quality. You deserve better for your wellness.


the company must be able to provide other support in the use of the essential oils aside from published materials. Look at the quality of customer service and individual product consultants that can be your go to resource to help you effectively use the essential oils. Think of the essential oils as natural medicine that requires guidance for proper usage and application. Misuse and abuse of anything, even natural products, can cause harm, so support is a must even with these gifts from nature.
Essential oils are great tools to have at home to support you in the way you take care of your wellbeing and your loved ones. They are versatile and can deliver many health benefits that can strengthen your body holistically and can help change your health outcome, physical and mental. There is no better time than now to embrace this natural solution. If you need help in exploring the essential world and all the health benefits of aromatherapy, connect with me through Wellness Essentials. I am here to help. To feel lighter, better, and healthier.
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Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz is a Registered Nurse (Canada) and a holistic health and wellness coach. She empowers her clients in bettering their health and wellness holistically by improving on self-care and building their mental resilience using natural health solutions and practices like essential oils, yoga, meditation, and nature therapy. Glenda is also a diabetes educator, a mental health care provider, and an essential oil educator. With a true passion for health and wellness, she believes that #betterhealth for all begins with being an informed consumer of health care services and exploration of healthier ways of living to support the body and the mind. She offers her services online via her FB Page Wellness Essentials and wellness retreats at a small farm in Behia, Tiaong, Quezon. 

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