If you have ever said you wished you had more energy to do everything or felt calmer and at peace when faced with a challenge, or maybe even thought you should be happier, content, or successful than how you are- then you may need to take a closer look at how you are resting and sleeping.
For many, rest and sleep are often sacrificed to get more things done and accomplished. Let’s be honest, our world today revolves around being and getting ahead, and for a lot of people, this means waiting for the “right time” until everything is done before resting. And sleep- who has time to sleep all those recommended hours, right!
Many of us often fail to notice our need for these two things and accept for inadequate rest and poor quality sleep.
Are you one of many?
Now, this article will not tell you how many hours of sleep you should be getting nor give you a list of activities you should do to rest your weary self- google can help with that. It also won’t mention all the things that can go wrong with your health and how depleting it is for your whole wellbeing when you are left drained and chronically exhausted from not getting enough rest and sleeping poorly.
What this article will help you with is how to get better with rest and sleep by exploring deeper why it matters.
Let’s then take a step back to ask, “Why does it matter for you to rest and sleep?”
If you are one of many who is deprived of good rest and sleep, you already know you need these two things to live, be healthy and well, and yet, you continue neglecting your need for rest and sleep. Yes?
Why is that?
There are several reasons for this self neglect but one that you may connect it with is that you are prioritizing everything else before your rest and sleep. What are you prioritizing?
Is it your work? Is it your duties at home? Your children? Your partner? Or simply your role in general, being and doing everything for everyone, or maybe trying to get everything done that you see as important to you?
What is it that is so important to you that you are putting ahead of your needed rest and sleep to function better- to re-energize, rejuvenate, revitalize, and renew?
Let’s explore deeper.
How are those things that are important to you affected when you are not getting enough rest and sleep?
You are more likely ineffective, inefficient, scattered, lethargic, moody, foggy, exhausted, etc. with inadequate rest and poor sleep. Suppose you have this as your pattern already. In that case, you may even have some health issues that are even more depleting of your wellbeing, you may be aware or unaware of this health matter, and you are saying “I’m ok” when you are not (perhaps about to stop reading the rest of this article).  How are you really?
And highly likely, you are chemically inducing yourself synthetically and unnaturally to function better- let’s save this topic on coping for another time.
Here’s a guide on how to get better with rest and sleep. It might be helpful if you write things down as you go through this process.
Imagine how you would feel, think and do with good rest and sleep (tip- start writing right now)
Imagine how well you would be with good rest and sleep.
Would you feel lighter, better and maybe even happier?
How would you do your duties at home and at work?
What would be the quality of your choices and decisions in everything you do when rejuvenated, revitalized, and renewed with adequate rest and sleep?
Would you then be better at doing the things that are important to you?
Does it matter to you to be better with those important things?
If that’s a yes, then how much should you make your rest and sleep matter?
What you prioritize and what matters to you are highly dependent on how you rest and sleep.
What do you sacrifice by neglecting your rest and sleep? If you don’t start prioritizing this now, when will you? How will it be to all things that are important to you if you delay? Is that ok with you?
Rest and sleep well to be better and well. First with self- always, and the rest just follows. Need help? Hire a holistic health and wellness coach.
About The Author
Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz is a Registered Nurse (Canada) and a holistic health and wellness coach. She empowers her clients in bettering their health and wellness holistically by improving on self-care and building their mental resilience using natural health solutions and practices like essential oils, yoga, meditation, and nature therapy. Glenda is also a diabetes educator, a mental health care provider, and an essential oil educator. With a true passion for health and wellness, she believes that #betterhealth for all begins with being an informed consumer of health care services and exploration of healthier ways of living to support the body and the mind. She offers her services online via her FB Page Wellness Essentials and wellness retreats at a small farm in Behia, Tiaong, Quezon. 

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