RIZZA LANA SEBASTIAN: The Business of Showing Up

The latest millennial trends, recent developments, and modern lifestyle have their power to allure everyone, but with the fast-paced advancements also come the consequences. Climate change, animal cruelty, global warming, and more sufferings are becoming popular issues, especially in the beauty and fashion industry. And when we talk about all these, I can only think of one person who incorporates her advocacies into her love for beauty and fashion, Rizza Lana Sebastian.
Rizza is the CEO and serial entrepreneur behind Lana PH, Mink PH, Talaala, Whim, and Ambush Clothing. She’s also on Youtube, where she talks about business, her imperfect zero waste life, and skincare. She also co-hosts a podcast called Camp Confidence Radio. 
According to Rizza, solving women’s self-care issues, giving others opportunities to grow and succeed, and helping our mother earth are her reasons why she decides to show up every day.

"When I look at all of the brands we created as of this moment, it's all about mindful entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and helping others and the planet."

Show up as a startup

Rizza started in the hotel industry. She worked for Manila Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel Group in the Philippines and at the Crowne Plaza in Doha. She built her first business, WHIM Manila, a one-stop-shop for trendy, eye-catching wall decals, wallpapers, and stickers, with her then-boyfriend (now husband), Josh, while she was still employed. 
After a few months, the business boomed, and more orders were coming in, so Rizza decided to quit her day job and focus on Whim.
In 2017, Rizza became even more inspired to create zero-waste brands by a film called ‘A Plastic Ocean’.  That same year,  Rizza finally decided to create her own skincare brand called Lana. According to her, she always dreamed of having her own skincare brand while having products that are mindful and conscious of the environment. She then came out with the Lana PH tagline: ‘We take care of you and the earth.’
In February 2020, she launched Mink PH, another skincare brand that focuses on helping women take care of the intimate areas of their bodies, and then later on created Talaala, a customized and sustainable jewelry brand. 

Show up, rise above the challenges, and let your 'why' be your anchor

Rizza said that one of the biggest challenges she faced in her business is the Covid-19 Pandemic.

"When it started, we are all so anxious about what to do and how to deal with it, but fortunately, clients supported us more, and 2020 was our best year yet - financially-wise. We also made sure to give back to the community as well, given all the opportunities and blessings."

As an entrepreneur, Rizza makes sure that she’s always anchored on her “why” and sets the time for rest. When work feels overwhelming, she said that it’s important for her to remember why she’s doing all these and makes sure to take a step back and recharge so that she can show up in a better space and with a clear mind.  According to her,  we, as CEOs, can’t be 100% all the time.

Show up for the people who believe in you.

Rizza believes that her brands stand out because of the people (her team and community).

"I'm always always grateful for the amazing team that makes every single thing happen. I also love the community we built - everyone's just so positive, supportive, and mindful of everyone."

Rizza’s confidence in the face of hardship is driven by the ability to let go of the negativity that holds so many other sensible people back. She said that if it’s not for her failures, she wouldn’t be where she is right now, and that’s why she believes that one essential skill every woman in business should acquire is relentlessness.

Show up for yourself.

If you’re a woman with big dreams, here’s Rizza’s message for you.

"First, you should be the one defining what "success" means to you. Once you define that, anchor it with your why. Once you start anchoring everything with your why, that would be your fuel to keep you going in life and in business. Be relentless with your goals, and do whatever it takes to achieve whatever your definition of success might be. Let go of perfectionism - it leads to analysis paralysis. Go ahead and click on that publish button already, shoot and upload that first video, start pitching that amazing business idea already. Start showing up for yourself this time."

Follow Rizza's Journey

Lana Ph is collaborating with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Rizza is taking part of this advocacy to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.
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