“Change is constant.” That’s a fact of life and in every business today. Businesses have transformed tremendously over the years, the technology, most especially the birth of the digital, has changed the way people do business and market their products and services. With the digital transformation and business evolution, people need to be skilled and updated with the digital changes, trends, and marketing to thrive in work or business.
Valerie Fischer is a woman who helps people cope and thrive with these changes. With her Neuro-Linguistic Programming background, her 20 years in corporate advertising and marketing, and the digital marketing skills she learned from her first business venture which is an e-commerce site, she designed a framework around Brain Science Selling, which she uses to help entrepreneurs thrive in their business. 

"I believe that everything starts with the entrepreneur's mindset, the way that he or she frames the business, the challenges, and the brand itself. When this is clear, it is much easier to create strategies and tactics to understand how their customers' brain works and sell to that. This is the exact framework that helped me start and build my business."

Valerie’s training and coaching business started last year in April when she lost her dream job as Chief Marketing Officer of a real estate company. Valerie and her boss were not seeing eye to eye when it came to how to pivot the sales and marketing team to digital. 

"I quit. She fired me. It was mutual. I eventually realized that incident led me to finding my purpose. The same strategies that I was offering my former company were meant for a bigger audience. More people needed this unique concept to help them with their businesses. "

To inspire courage to create change

According to Valerie, she started the business because she wants to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Her why is to inspire courage to create change. She believes that entrepreneurs are changemakers. Their ideas, insights, concepts, products, services, innovations create opportunities and jobs. She believes that the more that we help entrepreneurs, the better for our society.
Valerie thinks she’s fortunate enough to start her training business smoothly. The pandemic created the need for businesses to transform digitally and she saw that opportunity to step into the role of a trainer, mentor, and consultant quickly. Leads and sales kept on coming for her even without sales calls, Facebook ads or email marketing. For Valerie, it was purely personal brand in the beginning. However, challenges came when she decided to try and penetrate the international market. She also mentioned battling with imposter syndrome as one of the challenges she faced when she was starting this business.

"There were, and there still are naysayers. Fellow coaches and course creators called Brain Science Selling BS. Many of the webinars, challenges, summit I attended wanted me to focus on my niche. Very few understood the concept of having a ready framework and using that vehicle to serve the market. Many nights passed that I suffered from Imposter Syndrome. I guess this is something that will remain a challenge as long as I remain in this industry. But I soldier on and I win. At least on most days."

A unique brand differentiates itself from the rest

When asked what sets her brand apart from the rest, Valerie believes that she has both the certification and actual experience in business, marketing, and advertising compared to other coaches and trainers in the market. The way she teaches is very Meta. Along with the concepts, she also implements the same Brain Science Selling Techniques.

A Great Life

Valerie describes the life that she’s living now as a great one. She also mentioned that sometimes she feels guilty about having that kind of life.  She said that it’s a good thing her husband is always there to remind her that they worked hard to get there and that they deserve every minute of it.

"I am proud of being resilient. I am proud of being able to get up after several tragedies, mistakes and failure. I am proud of being agile, of being able to pivot quickly and being open to reinvention all throughout my life. If we count the material things, I think I am most proud of our property in Tiaong. Our 2 hectare property is 100% fully paid, both by me and my husband. It has become our life project. We have adopted, dogs, cats and horses and they all live happily there, along with the birds that came with the forest. I just wish we get to enjoy it more. I am proud of what my husband and I accomplished there, just the two of us."

With everything Valerie has accomplished, she believes that grit has everything to do with her success.

"We all go through several hardships in life. It will come in various forms, varying degrees, and at different times of our lives. To be successful, one has to bounce back from all of those as a better individual. A person has to be able to be resilient and have the grit to soldier on, move forward, and continue to fight for their dreams. "

Brain Science Selling

Many believe that Brain Science selling is the future of selling. Brain Science selling uses science-based research to help marketers understand how a buyer’s brain thinks and how it is influenced and affected. When you sell in a way that corresponds with how the brain is wired to make purchases, you’ll boost your sales. These are just some of the concepts that Valerie teaches in her programs. She also prepared a FREE video training on How to Bootstrap your Digital Business using Brain Science Selling to help new entrepreneurs go digital without spending big bucks. 

"Sometimes, there is this idea that digital is only about Facebook ads, Google ads, a website, and all these other things that you have to pay for. I want new entrepreneurs to realize that as long as they know who their target market is, they know what the their own brand stands for, there are many many strategies to use in the digital space."

Dream, Do, Succeed

Most probably, you’ve heard about the law of attraction. It states that you have the power to attract the things you want into your life. It also says that like attracts like and that your thoughts have power. It means that you can turn your thoughts into reality if you frequently, ultimately, think and focus on your dreams. Valerie also believes in the law of attraction, but she thinks it’s effective only for people who work for their dreams. So if you want to succeed in life, work, or business, here’s Valerie’s message for you:

"The Law of Attraction does not work without a Plan of Action. I believe in Visioning. In Neuro Linguistic Programming, we call it future pacing. It is imagining yourself in the future, seeing your best self achieve all the things that you want in life. Our brain actually can not distinguish reality from imagination. As far as it is concerned, that vision is reality. That is why you have to be clear with that vision.  However, I also believe that this does not work if you just chill in your couch the whole day, eating popcorn and watching Netflix. This vision can only be achieved when you actually DO something. You have to move, to change, to transform. You have to leave your old self to get to your best self. That's the only way to reach your dreams and find success."

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