Celebrity BFFs Opens a New Business

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Starting a business can be challenging, which is why having a business partner can often make things a little smoother and more enjoyable, especially if your partner is your bff. While many business experts warn against going into business with friends, plenty of examples prove it can work. Let’s just take a look at companies such as Bossbabes, B. Coffee Co., and Sunnies. These are examples of successful businesses that started out with friendship before becoming a brand that turned out to be a success.
Here in the Philippines, celebrity bffs and sisters-in-law Anne Curtis and Solenn Heusaff, have officially launched their newest brand, Tili Dahli, yesterday, June 23. They are both first-time moms to Thylane Bolzico and Dahlia Heussaff. Tili Dahli is a baby wear brand.

"Love hormone overload. Finally, we are sharing with you today at 12nn! We are sooooo excited!"

Tili Dahli promotes sustainability by using materials that are friends of the environment. The brand recognizes that children have sensitive skin and delicate needs. Their products are made with 100% organic cotton and are GOTS certified, which means that their products are organic and safe for your baby’s skin. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it has set the highest worldwide standard for the processing of organic fibers. This covers the entire textile chain — from the sustainable, ethical harvesting of organically grown plants through eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing and labeling practices.
Image Source: http://www.tilidahli.com

"We present to you Tili Dahli. Another baby of ours rooted upon the strength of motherhood and growth of our children. We wanted to create these clothes to provide comfortable play and allow our little bubs to be wild at heart as they please. Looking forward to keep surprising you guys with fun designs as we grow little by little one baby step at a time. Much love from our team of women."

Now the duo are constantly sharing their excitement in their Instagram stories and posts. A lot of moms see them as inspiration in both motherhood and business. So if you’re thinking about launching a business with your BFF, and you need some inspiration, check out our featured celebrity BFF co-founders, Anne and Solenn
To learn more about Tili Dahli, visit their site at tilidahli.com or follow their Instagram page @tilidahli.

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