Trixie Esguerra: Your Vision Board Coach

 We love to imagine ourselves in the home of our dreams, driving the car we like, visiting parts of the world, working at something we enjoy, having the job we want, or enjoying time with our family. I strongly believe in the power of visualization- Imagining things in our mind and seeing them as if it’s already happening. 
According to experts, visualization helps us manifest our dreams. Visualization is a technique to reprogram our subconscious mind by creating a visual scenario internally. One of the greatest and most popular visualization tools used to manifest dreams is a Vision Board. It is a board of any sort used to build a collage of words and pictures representing your goals, dreams, and ideal life.
A special vision board workshop for Neutrogena and Belle de Jour with Trixie.

Trixie: The Entrepreneur, Host, and Coach

When I think about vision boards, I think of one woman whom I call “The Vision Board Queen”- Trixie Esguerra.  She is also known in the Philippines as The Vision Board Coach. Trixie is a graduate of The University of the Philippines.  She took her Marketing Diploma at The Ateneo Graduate School of Business.  She has created about 110 Vision Board parties here and abroad. Up until today she continues to run her signature vision board program making it better than the previous ones. Over the years, her coaching business has grown and today it has evolved into PositiviTrix Training, Events and Consultancy.

She also runs a business called Wrap It Up!, a specialty store that creates customized ribbons, balloon arrangements, and bouquets.
I met her a few years back as a classmate in one of my classes at Dale Carnegie Training. She was totally slaying her speeches that time, I was in awe of her every word, action, and effectiveness in front of her audience- everything was so refined. Now, she’s leveraging this strength as a professional events host. She has hosted several big events, including the most recent Belle De Jour Freedom Summit at Shangri-La Plaza. 
Trixie is a trusted workshop facilitator and speaker by popular brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tim Hortons, and HSBC, to name a few.

How She Started

Like the famous Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Tony Robbins who are already living the dream they once put into their vision boards,  Trixie also proved that Vision Boards could actually help you achieve your dreams and goals in life. For Trixie, having a vision board serves as your image of the future and a representation of where you are going.
According to her, when she got heartbroken in 2014, she asked herself these questions:  “What else is there to life?”, “What do I really want?”, “What will make me happy?”.

"All of a sudden, I just remembered bits and pieces of learnings from the many seminars I have attended, the many self-help books I have read, and the many motivational videos I have seen. Then I was reminded of the power of vision board. Because I know, there is more to life than waiting. And I was determined to take action! Then for some reason, I just grabbed my materials and started to create another Vision Board as I recalled how powerful it is! "

After seeing the things in her Vision Board come to life, she got so amazed and felt the need to help people see that it works! That’s when she started to create programs and talks for people who want to experience sustainable positivity in their lives. 

The Challenge and Motivation

We all struggle with self-doubt once in a while, even successful people. Trixie is no exception. She admitted that her biggest challenge every time she would start a workshop, do a hosting gig, or accept a speaking engagement is the inner voice that always asks her,
“Do you think you can hit your number?”
“Will the people really come?”
“Is this really worth your time? Their time?”.

"I find it funny because I know I can, but at the same time, I have to address my doubts first to get into the momentum."

According to her, she would use her own tools, leverage on her core skills, and spend a lot of energy priming, meditating, going back to her why’s to overcome that series of self-doubt so days before the launching, she would normally have a breakthrough and it allows her to hit her number.  
Trixie lives by the mantra, “Life is always happening for you, and not to you.” She said she learned it from Tony Robbins. After she attended Tony’s “Unleash The Power Within” (UPW) in Singapore, she went to New York to crew for him and his team. She said that she always carried the lessons she learned from Tony Robbins and believed that those lessons saved her from going downward spiral several times.
She also added that having a gratitude journal and an everyday “me-time” help her stay motivated.

"I sleep a lot. I workout with my coach 3x a week. I drink lots of water. I eat what I like- mostly good ones and sometimes the sweet ones. I always do things that make me joyful everyday. I breathe and teach Vision Board and that makes me happy! These things help me stay in my optimum state most of the days. " 


On the internet, Trixie is also known as PositiviTrix.  This brand promotes faith and positivity to thrive. It entails guiding people to overcome negativity and infuse more positivity into their lives.

"My brand, PositiviTrix, is the only one that I know that focuses deeply on Vision Boarding. All my other programs come and go, but my signature one stays, and even gets better. PositiviTrix is me embodying positivity today and for the rest of my life. I think I was brought here on Earth by my Creator for this purpose. "

The Dream Life

Trixie had once been dreaming about the incredible life she has today. Despite the pandemic in 2020, Trixie had her biggest break in both career and her personal life, admitting that she closed the biggest deals online and will soon marry the man of her dreams.

"Not to be insensitive to others especially now that we are experiencing this pandemic but really, 2020 has been the best year of my life. Just when I thought 2019 was the bomb and that 2020 might be a real challenge- I couldn't give talks, plans were shattered, helping others had limitation.. 2020 became my biggest break both in career and personal life. I closed the biggest deals online, grew my community and got formally engaged! I am marrying the love of my life in a few days! Our relationship is the thing I am most proud of! Its my most favorite manifestation from my Vision Board!"

What's Next?

Trixie has an upcoming vision board workshop for single ladies called Single Ladies Vision Board Party on July 30 and 31.
So if you’re someone who’s ready to attract your “One True Love,” you can join the waitlist and sign up on this link 

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If your “what” is clear and your intention is pure, then the Universe will show you the how!

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