This pandemic has opened a lot of learning opportunities for us. Since most people were required to stay at home over the past couple of months, work and learning from home have already been a part of the new normal. The e-learning industry boomed with popularity and innovation. Online tutors, e-courses, workshops, trainings, and other remote learning resources are becoming more accessible, practical, and recognized. 
With the power of technology, our world has become abundant with information. However, challenges come with home set-up, and too much information and content provided by technology. This modern learning landscape has vast amounts of content about virtually any topic to watch, read, and listen to, so are we really learning?
So whether you’re taking a short course, online certification, or training program, here are some tips that can help you make the most out of your online learning journey.


Prioritize and set up a schedule for study time so your courses will not be the last thing on your to-do list. Commit to your regular study time and remember to stick to your schedule, and always show up for yourself.


Set up a productive workspace that allows you to focus on your online training. Put your other gadgets on silent mode and keep them away from your workspace. Close the other tabs on your computer and only open what’s necessary for your online course. Do one thing at a time. This will help you focus and maximize your learning experience.


Taking Down notes helps boost memory, comprehension and attention span. Studies say that writing helps in memory retention and increases your memory by up to 70% when you go through your notes within 24 hours.


Have a friend or a community and support network to cheer you on and help you to stay motivated. If you’re taking the course with others, look for an accountability partner that will help you keep track of your learning goals. 


Taking breaks can prevent your mind from getting tired and having information overload. Taking breaks can refresh your mind and improve your focus and attention. One of the techniques you can use is the Pomodoro Method. It’s a productivity technique wherein you give yourself 25 minutes of deep focused work, separated by short breaks.


Break down your goals into small ones and celebrate every milestone achieved. Whether it’s treating yourself to a Starbucks coffee or as simple as watching a Netflix film, these rewards are more enjoyable when you’re celebrating something and when you have nothing to worry about. Plus, it motivates you to move forward to the next level.


Be open to new learnings and always check on yourself. Unlearn the things that don’t work for you anymore and find learning opportunities in every situation. Adopt a learner’s mindset and take responsibility for your growth.
Always remember to take care of yourself while you’re working or studying at home. The healthier you are- physically and mentally, the more enjoyable and successful your online learning experience will be.
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Mary Jane San Juan

Mary Jane San Juan

Jane is a teacher, writer, and nature lover living in Baguio City, Philippines. She is working as a content writer for a cosmetic brand and loves to blog about beauty and productivity.

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