If you’re in the fashion and beauty industry, it’s more likely that you have the “passion for fashion”, but starting, running, and growing this kind of business doesn’t only take passion to succeed. Like any other business, seeing success in this industry requires motivation, hard work, consistency, and a solid plan of action.
The fashion and beauty industry is already crowded, and every now and then, new labels are being introduced and new brands arise. To be competitive, you must know how to differentiate yourself, think and behave like an entrepreneur, and be updated with the latest business and fashion trends. 
Erika Rodica, CEO of EIKA Swimwear and The Skin Equation, a first-time homeschooling mommy of a high schooler and an advocate of Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment believes that it is important to believe in yourself and start with something you love to succeed in business.
EIKA Swimwear originally planned to sell fancy jewelry under Eika Accessories. However, come summertime, she thought she’d try out selling bikinis since it was on-trend for the season and she never looked back.

"Starting a swimsuit brand wasn't at all intentional. It wasn't the same as other brand stories where it has always been their dream, or they have it all planned out. I didn't. However, I love fashion and style – always have and always will. At that time, I was also a young mom, and I wanted to be as present as I can for my daughter, so I knew I had to be home. Knowing where my passion lies and assessing my current situation, my solution was an online fashion business. Thus, EIKA was born."

Erika's Entrepreneurial Journey

Erika’s entrepreneurial journey began at a very young age. According to her, she started her first business at age 8. While everyone was busy playing hide and seek or hopscotch in grade school, she was busy selling everything and anything from ice candies and snacks to accessories. She also used to rent out her Goosebumps and Archie Comic Collection to her classmates. Back in college, she was already an online seller. Despite school and internship demands, she still pursued her online business which eventually succeeded and turned into a brand.

"Eika Swimwear's flagship products are fun and colorful bikini tops and bottoms which you can mix and match as you please. Since there's an unspoken rule that once you've worn an outfit (or a bikini, in my case) and posted on social media, you are not to be seen wearing it again. From there, I saw the need in the market for affordable ways to stretch the wearability of their bikinis."

Recently, Erika also ventured into skincare and cosmetic retail.  Her new business is called The Skin Equation, a Manila-based store inspired by Korean skin that brings you carefully curated skincare products. They sell famous Korean skincare and cosmetic brands such as Innisfree, Laneige, and Etude House to name a few.


The pandemic is a big challenge for all of the sectors of the economy worldwide. The industries that are hit hard are the ones that come in the category of non-essential spending. Beauty and fashion definitely come in this category. 
Erika admitted that the Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge she encountered in running a business but it has taught her about pivoting, decision making, and problem-solving. Despite the challenges she had to overcome, she said she keeps her focus and tackles one problem at a time. She believes that success often comes down to having the right attitude and smart decision-making.

"Gosh! The biggest challenge is still the pandemic that's happening right now. We haven't fully overcome it yet, but as a lot of things quickly change, we also had to pivot A LOT. We had to tread lightly but move quickly at the same time. It's hard. But in order to not be overwhelmed, I made sure to keep my focus and tackle one problem at a time."

The EIKA brand has been here since 2014, and Erika believes they can overcome these challenges and rise strong.  She also sees to it that she keeps herself motivated by drawing inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs and learning from their success stories.

Leading with Love

In her first two years in business, Erika has been doing everything solo- from customer service, fulfillment, marketing, sales, and even delivery. When her business started to grow, it required her to build a team. Erika knows how valuable the right people are. She acknowledges them as part of her success. 

"Right now, I am most proud of the team behind my brand – EIKA Swimwear. We wouldn't be where we are now without them! And now, we're starting to also build our next brand – The Skin Equation. Which brings you carefully curated skincare products that your skin needs."

On Success and Living

Erika believes that your passion and consistency can help your business get going. She said that one must be passionate and consistent in what she’s doing because you won’t be able to last long in the business without these.

"You will encounter many failures, and they will all, if not most, be painful. But don't let this break you. Our struggles make us strong. Don't waste the pain from an unfortunate experience. Take every lesson to heart to make yourself better. I fervently believe that every challenge and struggle I faced helped transform me into the resilient, strong-minded, and purpose-driven person I am today."

Being in this business since 2014 and knowing how to utilize her skill set while empowering her team definitely proves that Erica is the perfect fit for this dream.  To find the right business that’s fit for you, remember to start and do everything with passion.


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Nira Macaspac

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