Mae Gomez: How this Joyful Stay-At-Home Mom Helps Aspiring Authors Publish Their Books

I think many writers would agree that the most gratifying part of writing is when you can influence your readers’ thinking, help them learn, make them introspect, and change their lives for the better. 
Mae Gomez, the author of The Joyful Stay-at-Home Mom, curator of New Normal New Beginnings, mom of three boys, and founder of Thrive&Grow Book Publishing, says that aside from being able to contribute something to the readers, writing also made her life more meaningful. She has written two books and helps other aspiring authors publish their creations too.
Mae used to be a programmer and was into math and logic ever since she was young.  Her career in writing came as a pleasant surprise when she decided to be a stay-at-home mom and after struggling with depression. 
She’s also a mental health advocate and an authority member of the Non-Fiction Authors Association.

"I wrote The Joyful Stay-at-Home Mom in 2019 after struggling with depression to help SAHMs with toddlers thrive and not just survive through their journey of raising their child. It is an emotional management and parenting book specifically written to help mothers achieve emotional wellness and empower them to better care for their children through Joyful Parenting. "


A year after she wrote her first book, the pandemic struck.  According to Mae, many of her friends lost their businesses, dealt with health concerns and family issues, some even lost their loved ones and many experienced anxieties. Mae, having experienced depression, sought to find a way to help moms struggling with despair and hopelessness during this time by listening to them and sharing her story.  Thus, Mae’s 2nd book was born – New Normal New Beginnings, a collection of inspiring stories of thriving moms in the midst of a pandemic.

"I reached out to 22 moms and asked them if they would share their stories. This gave birth to New Normal New Beginnings, a collection of inspiring stories of thriving moms in the midst of a pandemic. "


Mae created Thrive&Grow because she believes that books can change lives, not only the readers’ but also the lives of those who wrote them. Just like what happened to her.
She has worked with several authors. Some even told her that writing helped them cope with their struggles.

"When a person you’ve never met sends you a message about how your book has given her hope and a renewed sense of purpose, that alone makes all the sleepless nights worth it. "

Mae’s life as an author, entrepreneur, and mom can be hectic at times. She mentioned that the biggest challenge she encountered at work was dealing with multiple projects and tight deadlines. She used to do everything by herself, but when more clients wanted to work with her, she knew she had to step things up a notch and decided to work with a team.
To keep herself motivated, Mae always reminds herself of her big ‘why.’

I always remind myself of my big why. This keeps me going when things are tough. Also, I start my day with a prayer, surrendering everything to Him, and acknowledging that more than an enterprise, serving my clients and my readers is a calling.

Going The Extra Mile

As its logo shows, Thrive & Grow is a brand with a heart and Mae believes that it is their mission to help others. Thrive & Grow partners with companies that empower mothers by providing relevant learning sessions and online conferences. They also support foundations that help struggling moms and send scholars to school.
Average brands deliver exactly what they are being paid for but Mae thinks that going the extra mile can help your brand stand out.

"I strive to go the extra mile. When readers read my books and reach out to me, I respond as a friend. A client might be working with me to design her book cover, but she can also count on me for advice about other aspects of such as book marketing or pricing. "

People who worked with Mae are happy that she’s able to deliver exceptionally on the simple things and give a little extra. I think we can all take something from this simple phrase “Go the extra mile”.  In branding, we need to find the extra mile and set a camp there to benefit our clients, their businesses, and ours. That extra mile can make a huge difference in our brand.
Mae takes pride in being able to help create life-changing books and in contributing to her clients’ success. She is also grateful for the Thrive&Grow team, which helps her take care of their clients. 

"I am proud of my Thrive&Grow team. They are the wind beneath my wings. I would never be where I am today without them. "

To succeed, Mae thinks that a woman should acknowledge that she can’t do it all.  Here’s her advice:

"She has to acknowledge that she can’t do or know it all. In order to succeed, she builds a team of trusted individuals and mentors, each an expert in their respective fields. She also has to have the courage to take the big leap forward, recognizing that it is in taking risks that one achieves the seemingly impossible. Finally, she has to have a passion for learning. This will make her excel in her craft. "

Want to be an Author?

If you have a passion for writing and you really want to become an author, it can be done. Mae’s team can help you. The Thrive&Grow team has edited and designed numerous books for first-time authors. They’ve worked with influencers and best-selling authors like Kirby Llaban and international speaker Sha Nacino. To date, they have worked with more than a dozen first-time authors both in the Philippines and abroad.
Thrive&Grow Book Publishing has recently been certified by the National Book Development Board and will be joining the 2021 Frankfurt Bookfair online this coming October.
Mae will also be launching her new books this year, one for working moms and another for aspiring authors.

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