ELSIE JORDAN BLANCO: Building a Vibrant Business and Community

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From working as an OFW to being the founder and CEO of multiple businesses, this mom has come a long way. Elsie Jordan L. Blanco, founder and CEO of Vibrant Wellness Trading Corporation, started with a dream of being able to spend more time with her family while still providing for their needs. She was an OFW for 10 years who decided to go home to build her dreams.

"I was an OFW for ten years. Unfortunately, this means I have to miss out on ten Christmases, ten New Year's, ten birthdays, and more than ten special occasions with the family. My husband and I wanted to settle in the Philippines while still providing for our family's needs. That is why we ended up with several businesses catering to different industries. Vibrant Wellness Trading Corporation gave me a chance to relive the dream of providing families time to be together."

Elsie, also known as “LCEO” to many, began her entrepreneurial journey making handmade crafts that reached everywhere around the globe. When she returned to the Philippines, she decided to put up a food business called The Purple Beetle Cafe.  She then started exploring other businesses that can help her extend a hand to the community and provide for her family.
Today, Elsie has built multiple businesses including Laser Colorworks Printing Corporation, Limitless Creative Marketing Corporation, Leading Clusters IT Solution, and JDPM Manufacturing Business Solutions.
Amongst these businesses, Elsie is more popularly known as the woman behind Vibrant Wellness Trading Corporation. Vibrant Wellness is a direct selling marketing company that promotes balanced well-being and a healthy lifestyle which offers products that range from health, beauty, and wellness while allowing the community members to do business with the company. It is one of the fastest-growing wellness companies in the Philippines.

On a Mission to teach Entrepreneurship to Filipinos

Elsie’s role as a provider helped her understand the need for everyone to generate income for their families. Elsie wanted to teach entrepreneurship to many Filipinos and believes that having an entrepreneurial mindset is a stepping stone to a better future. Through Vibrant Wellness, Elsie is able to fulfill this advocacy. 

"Vibrant Wellness is a business born out of the dreams of an OFW who wanted to spend more time with her family while still providing for them. Now, Vibrant Wellness is a business built for the Vibrant community in hopes of giving their family not only freedom of time but also a happier and healthier lifestyle. Together with everyone in the community, we are working hand in hand to achieve our vision to make every home a Vibrant home."

Vibrant Wellness is a brand for anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative to their everyday consumables. Having a wide array of products makes Vibrant Wellness a family-friendly company with commodities for everyone. 

"Vibrant Wellness are for those who are willing to take part in a community that supports every venture you make. It is for single moms, working dads, breadwinners, budding entrepreneurs, your health enthusiast friends, online sellers, business owners, everyone you can think of. "

The Importance of Having the Right People and a Strong Support System

Vibrant Wellness Trading Corporation was born in 2020, during the pandemic season. Despite the uncertainty, Elsie saw the need for people to create more income sources and pursue better health. According to her, it is natural for a business to face challenges. This pandemic, for example, is a big challenge for every business, whether big or small. Yet, Elsie believes that with the right people, anyone can overcome the challenges they face. 

"I have always believed that a solid support system is needed to venture into a business. Whether it is your family or your closest friends, make sure to have one. I am just blessed that I have the right group of people now. They know who they are. Thank you for being my strong support system."

Like most entrepreneurs, there are also days when Elsie feels like everything is too much to handle at once. She admits that some days when she feels exhausted, she would tend to question herself if everything is really worth it. However, she would also realize that everything doesn’t need to be perfect, these struggles are normal and these things make us humans.
Elsie said that whenever these days hit her, she would always go back to her deepest whys.

"My family, my closest group, and the 130,000 plus Vibrants around the globe. They are the ones that keep me going. They are the ones that make me want to fight and seize another day. I've come to realize how important it is to always stay true to your whys. It keeps you grounded in your goals, and it keeps you humble enough, teaching you to always look back to why you do what you do."

The Vibrant Community

This young CEO is a witness to how strong and powerful her Vibrant global community is. As a one-year-old company, it is no doubt that through their help, she was able to bring Vibrant to other countries. Elsie believes that through the community’s unwavering support, vibrant is continuously flourishing not only in the Philippines but overseas well, catering to more than 55 countries around the globe, making it one of the fastest-growing wellness brands in our country.

"It is through their heart for the Vibrant business that made it possible for us to be where we are today. So, if I am asked again to distinguish what sets us apart, my answer will always be our Vibrant community."

The Vibrant Woman

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, and so is being an OFW. Whenever she had to go back to work and leave her family in the Philippines, she dreads goodbyes at the airport. To some, it means a better future and a brighter tomorrow for their loved ones, but for Elsie, it was another time away from them. More occasions missed. More times she wished she was there. But back then, she thought, it was the only way to give them a better life. 
Today, Elsie is most proud of her freedom- being able to choose when and where she spends her time with and most especially seeing her kids grow and being able to be there for her loved ones in good times and in bad.

"Nowadays, I get to be with my family 24/7. I'm with them on every special occasion. I can watch my daughters grow and nurture them to becoming the best possible versions they could be. I have the chance to see everyone I love during their most ecstatic times and their most grievous moments. I get to live by their side and be with them every step of the way. That, for me, is what I am most proud of."

Elsie is an epitome of a vibrant woman who sets the headstrong, gets stuff done, values what matters most, and able to shine a light for others. The road to success is a tough one but Elsie believes that success is the sum of your daily actions, be it small or big effort.  

"There are two things I believe every woman should possess - a courageous heart and a kind spirit. We can never go wrong with kindness, and a brave heart takes us to a million places. Everybody can learn how to cook, chisel a perfect design, or sew a dress. Skills are teachable, but it takes someone extraordinary to take courage and be kind."

Photo Credits: Limitless Creative Marketing Corporation
LCEO’s first rule? STAY in the business. If you stop, you will lose the chance.
Elsie sees to it that she provides The Vibrant Community with lots of learning and growth opportunities. Currently, Vibrant Wellness Trading Corporation is in partnership with Mattel Barbie and Mattel Hot Wheels. They also have an existing collaboration with Jinkee Cosmetics. Their projects include The Jinkee Cosmetics Women Supporting Women Campaign. The brand is represented by its celebrity ambassadors, Mr. Joross Gamboa and Ms. Regine Angeles.
For health, wellness, beauty products, and business opportunities, follow Vibrant Wellnes Trading Corporation or join the Vibrant Community
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