Bullet Journaling for Busy People

Bullet Journaling is the secret tool productive people swear by. In a Bullet Journal or BuJo, you can write your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks and track them down. You can also write your goals, events and schedules. It is basically a journal that you can use to organize every aspect of your life.
But what makes it so special? This is where you let your creative juices spill! Write or draw or paint or make collages on it. The only rule is that there are no rules! It is your BuJo, a blank (or lined or bulleted) slate that you can customize to your own style.  
To keep you updated with the bullet journal vocabularies, here are some that will come in handy:


Key is where you will keep your legend and color-coded highlights to indicate what you will do or where an information belongs. 


The index will be your table of contents. Some bullet journal users patiently put page numbers into their blank journal to keep their index more specific. 


Collections are the sections of your bullet journal.


A bullet journal spread is another term for “layout”. It is basically a page or a group of pages that has the same concept or topic.
Don’t know where to start? We got your back!


In the Future Log, you write important dates and holidays throughout the year, month or week! 

2. Monthly Calendar/ Schedule

If you follow a fixed schedule, this BuJo insert will keep your schedule organized in one place.

3.To-Do Lists

A To-Do List is a list of specific tasks that you need to accomplish in a specific period.  Never underestimate the power of a to-do list.  It can bring structure to your day because it breaks goals into action plans.  Plus, it helps you lessen the tasks you need to hold in your head and reduces your worries about not having to forget something.  My personal BuJo is filled with To-Do Lists for my tasks and subtasks.

4. Agenda

In here, you can write down the activities that you want to do for the day, week, or month. 

5. Goals

It is best when you have a clear goal in mind. It may be in a short time or for the long run. Set your goals and write in down in your BuJo and don’t forget to put in a deadline.  Experts say that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.  Your goals can help you in making decisions.  You can view them from time to time to keep yourself motivated! 

6. Finance Tracker

Tracking your money is a good way to save it too! Once you visualize whether your money goes towards your investments, want or needs, you will feel surprisingly motivated, trust me. 

7. Habit Tracker

This is best used when you want to be consistent, or try to be. List down or create shapes that you can fill in once you’ve completed a habit. 
Source: Reddit @mjvillola

8. Affirmations Log

It’s difficult to keep yourself from negative thoughts when you’re busy with work, school or family. Try filling out a daily affirmation log to motivate yourself into thinking that you shouldn’t be stopping now.  Positive affirmations help reduce negative self-talk and allow us to be more aware of our thought patterns.
Don’t worry that you might mess it up because the best part of keeping a bullet journal is that you make all the rules! Just let your creativity out and get ready to organize your life in style! Personalize it, put pictures, add a touch of color (or not – it’s your choice!). Be one with your BuJo. I really hope you enjoy it!
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Maggie Regacho

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