6 Successful Filipina Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Most celebrities would prefer to stick to their profession as stars but few would go out of their comfort zones and actually pursue their other passions and build a business.  They may have the advantage when it comes to endorsing their products and building a business name since they already have tons of followers, but their role as entrepreneurs can still be a challenge for them as it requires different skill sets and demands creative ideas and problem-solving from time to time.
Here are 6 Filipinas who shine as celebrities and entrepreneurs.  Because yes, a woman can be who she wants to be and SHE can be successful in whatever role she chooses to play.


Anne Curtis is not just an actress and celebrity endorser, she is also a savvy entrepreneur.  She is one of the founders of Recess, an activewear and life-intervention-wear.  The Recess collection is designed for different body types that ladies can wear during different activities in a day, or through the fluctuations of their body at different stages of life.  Anne is also one of the women behind Tili Dahli, a baby brand where she and her celebrity sister-in-law, Solenn Heusaff were the founders.  Tili Dahli is a clothing brand for babies that are soft, comfy and made from 100% organic materials and high-quality fabrics. 


Marianne Rivera launched her own line of decor and furniture called Flora Vida Home last December 2020.  According to Marianne in her Instagram post, she was inspired by her experience when she went to Europe years ago.

"It all started when I fell in love with this toile fabric that I saw in one of our trips to Europe years ago. Since I have always been attracted to delicate and elegant prints, I told myself that I would want to experience having these pieces in my home, and so I did. These have brought calming and soothing vibe that definitely brightened our home. Inspired by this, I decided to share the experience by putting together creations that I love, with the hope that these will also bring joy and warmth to someone else’s living space. Hence the birth of FLORA VIDA HOME—a specially curated collection of home pieces."


From Teen Queen to CEO. Yasss! What’s not to love about this celebrity sweetheart?  She is one of the founders and CEO of the popular nail salon chain in the Philippines, KathNails.  KathNails opened in 2017 and is one of the fastest-growing nail salon and spa business in our country.  Kathryn and her showbiz boyfriend, Daniel Padilla also owns the retro-themed barbershop called Barbero Blues which opened in 2019 at SM North Edsa.


Solenn Heusaff is not only a famous celebrity and model, she is also a painter and entrepreneur.  She co-founded Tili Dahli with her sister-in-law, Anne Curtis Smith.  She is also the woman behind Solenn Manila, a collection of Solenn’s favorite from home decors to fragrances to delicacies.  Her paintings are showcased at Solenn Art Portfolio on Instagram.


A lot of fans were shocked when Maggie Wilson recently announced her breakup with her husband, Victor Consunji.  Despite that, we think Maggie’s businesses will continue to flourish as she continues to move forward to the next chapter of her life.  Maggie is the CEO, founder and brains behind Acasa Manila, an interior decor and furniture business.


The fashionable and elegant wife of “The Pambansang Kamao” also pursued her passion for cosmetics and skincare.  Jinkee is the founder of Jinkee Cosmetics which offers a vast array of cosmetic products that will fit the need of every Filipina so that they will be able to unleash their inner beauty and be the best version of themselves.  Recently, Jinkee also revealed her new skin care business, Jinkee Skin.  According to her, Jinkee Skin is a luxury skin care brand you deserve without spending a fortune.
There’s a good starting point with having a readily established brand as a celebrity or influencer. We think it’s pretty cool for these “celebpreneurs” to expand to meaningful and fun businesses that empower women. Do you know any other stars who have taken the entrepreneurial path?
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