Sales Page: You need this in launching your online program

You’ve probably seen a sales page if you purchased an online course, training, program, or bought a high-ticket product on a website. By fully understanding what a sales page is and how it can help you in your business, you’ll also understand why most successful coaches, entrepreneurs, and freelancers invest in well-crafted sales pages. Successful sales pages encourage your target audience to pull out their cash or credit cards and bring big profits to your business.

What is a Sales Page

A Sales Page is a part of a website or a type of landing page intended to convince your target audience to buy your product. If your website’s homepage is the store-front or window, the sales page is like your online salesperson. It is a page where your product or service is pitched to your target audience. It contains all the essential information about your offer so you won’t have to answer your prospect’s each and every question and objection.

Why invest in a Sales Page?

When it comes to launching your offerings, a sales page is one of the best investments you can make for your business. It is a great marketing tool and a virtual salesperson that helps you tell others how great your product or service is. 
It helps:
  • direct your visitors to what you are offering,
  • answer your customer’s queries,
  • save time from answering questions related to your offers,
  • increase your googleability,
  • improve your likeability and credibility,
  • bring cash to your business in just a few clicks,
  • and most importantly, helps you build your brand.


What's inside an Irresistible Sales page?


Your program should include topics and descriptions, benefits, what the students will learn or get at the end of the course or program, date and time duration, what platform you’ll use, log in and registration details.


It should also include a description of who you are, why they should choose you, a short background of your journey, how you ended up doing what you do today, and why you want to help them.


How much is the investment? How can they pay you? It’s important to make it easy for your customers to pay you. Otherwise, a slight inconvenience can make them change their minds.


Testimonials are proof of great work. Other people’s feedback increases your credibility and shows the effectiveness of your program according to those who have already experienced it. When other people speak for you, it builds trust and assures your audience that you’re not a scam. If you’re going to launch for the first time, consider asking people if they would like to test your offering for free or at a minimum amount and ask them for feedback or testimonial.


You can also include the list or logos of brands or people you’ve worked with, including press or media publications(if any).


When you put your contact details, you allow people to follow you and connect with you. It also means you allow them to do more research, ask questions, or learn more from you.


High-resolution photos of you or your business give your audience a visual experience of who they’re talking to and what they’re going into, so it’s great to have a decent photo. You may include pictures of you in your previous projects, your current business, behind the scenes, or pictures of you taken by a professional photographer. Images can provide you with a lot more opportunities to attract clients and drive engagement.

Sales Page Examples (links)

Here are some examples of high-converting sales pages:
A sales page can be the best thing you can have when you don’t know how to launch your first online course, training, or program. While these tips can guide you on creating your own sales page, it may not be a walk in the park, so if you have a website and don’t want to sweat on this stuff, consider hiring a copywriter to do this for you. On the other hand, having a sales page is still possible if you don’t have a website. Some platforms offer landing pages with copywriting services like Featureph
I believe it’s time for you to get started on your sales page and launch your dream project!
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Nira Macaspac

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