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Holding onto a vision and a dream, Shiela Portillo, founder of Mindful MOMents, one of the brains behind Global Coaching Circle, and a Certified Professional Life Coach and Points of YOU Facilitator, believes that success can be achieved when you choose to cultivate your individuality by grounding it on your self-worth.
Prior to being a life coach, Shiela is first and foremost, a loving mom to her three kids – two of which are with special needs, independent, high-functioning, and sociable. She regards that this brings about a lot of challenges but what has been getting her through all of those were the goals that she has set in her heart for her kids and herself, as well. The drive within her to uphold a loving connection, along with passion, perseverance, and patience, has helped her greatly in achieving such goals. 

“Every day when I wake up, I always remind myself of my higher purpose for living during my meditation and I affirm myself. This keeps me grounded and able to see beyond the challenges of each day. "

Shiela’s journey towards becoming a life coach began three years ago when she wanted to further her studies and a friend of her niece invited her to D’ Cup Coffee Republic in Mandaluyong where she eventually got certified under the Life Coach Training Institute. She is grateful that she met the country leader of Points of You, Coach Gia Bengson, who facilitated a workshop where Shiela was one of the participants.
Not long after that, Shiela took the certification for level 1 and further pursued level 2 to become a certified practitioner. It was then that she started to work on a program tailored for families with special kids.
Shiela had the determination to come up with a tool, specifically a non-verbal one, to better help the kids in expressing themselves. With this, she believes photos, when used as tools, are great conversation starters because, through them, her clients are able to express themselves through the details they see in the photos. Photos are also effective for encouraging introspection and self-realizations amongst her clients.

Mindful MOMents with Coach Shiela

When Shiela joined Coach Myke Celis’ group, the Global Coaching Circle, that he had just started forming then, she had the opportunity of being one of the faculty members. It was also around that time when she started to create Mindful MOMents with Coach Shiela. She had Nira Macaspac to help her with establishing her unique brand and Karen Antonio for building her socials.

“My big Why is to help MOMs be their best self as an individual and as a mother as they take care of their family and create the loving home environment where their kids can thrive safe, loved, and supported. I believe that when kids feel the love and support of the family, they develop their confidence to reach their full potential.”

Highlighting Individuality

Shiela found that while being a family coach is what she is truly passionate about, it inevitably came with a lot of challenges, still. What she believes to have been the most challenging by far was raising awareness on the significance of family dynamics and their impacts, especially to those families without children with special needs. 
Be that as it may, Shiela persevered and addressed it by conducting workshops and sharing informative videos and other learning materials both on her coaching page and her personal one. It ended up being a gratifying achievement for her because more and more people are now seeing the benefits of family coaching. 
Shiela’s brand stands out from the others in that her programs are grounded on the concept of individuality – this is when one sees beyond the roles he/she plays in the family. She advocates for staying true to oneself and always striving for betterment. Her coaching services promote mental wellness, healing and recovery, bridging communication gaps for families with children with special needs, and building family relationships.

“I believe that staying true to yourself and becoming your best will help you become a best mother, wife, sister, daughter, employee, or even as a boss.”

Shiela’s clients include both parents and parents-to-be which inspired her to incorporate another concept called mindful parenting that is dedicated to empowering and guiding her clients through Mindfulness Coaching, Family Dynamics Techniques, and Phototherapy which will foster a harmonious family environment and holistic growth both as individuals and as parents.
She is now in Coach Myke Celis’ #Bestmeever Coach Group Mentoring Program which gave her an avenue and the drive to develop her signature coaching program, #MindfullyMe that she intends to launch soon. Apart from that, Shiela also spearheads a fund-raising coaching workshop under Great Love on Christmas aiming to help 250 families. Just recently, she had the honor of being a guest on a US radio show by Coach Jeannetta Collier called The Best You 360, which she truly considers one of the best birthday gifts ever as it gave her the opportunity to share her message with the world. 
What Shiela believes to be such a crucial thing is that knowing your worth will give you the confidence you need to help you flourish and brave though the challenges in life with your head held high, and to be bold enough to pursue what you truly want.

“Creativity is not only applicable in arts but more so in creative decision-making. When you harness your creative mind, you will be able to come up with great ideas and innovations for your business. And when there are challenges you will be able to develop solutions with ease. Creativity also brings positivity in the way you see and appreciate your business. Creative minds are always forward-thinking. And this is key to succeed in all aspects of your life.”

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