KACH HOWE: A Full-time Wandress

Make good money, quit your job, build a business, and travel the world – sounds like a great yet crazy plan.
Getting to explore the many wonders of the world all while earning money is a dream for most of us – a Digital Nomad as we call it today. This many-splendored dream is luckily a reality for Kach Howe, travel blogger and co-founder of Two Monkeys Travel Group.
However, it would be wrong to simply assume that Kach’s path towards having to live the life of her dreams was a no-brainer; for she has undoubtedly been through a lot of difficult choices, challenges, and moving out of her comfort zone before realizing such a dream.
After Kach graduated, she initially planned to go abroad in hopes of making good money like most Filipinos do. She was able to find jobs in Kuwait and Iraq, and at the age of 24, Kach was already earning a decent amount of money for her age and nationality. Even so, she eventually came to realize that working in the office was not for her, so she resigned and headed to Southeast Asia to backpack until she figured out her next move.

" When I was seven, I remembered telling my grandfather that I would travel the world. My goal was to be a diplomat to have a stronger passport, and it could be easier to achieve my dream. I got a job in Kuwait and then Iraq and realized that working in an office was not for me. "

After working different side-hustles, a friend suggested that Kach do travel blogging, so she did that part-time and discovered that it was what she really wanted to do. When her blog flourished, she decided to focus on it and began travel blogging full time.
Kach knew how difficult it is to apply for visas and to find affordable travel packages, for she had experienced these things first-hand. With that, she decided to help by giving tips and consultations and offering affordable travel package tours and visa services at Two Monkeys Travel.

"Being a third-world country passport holder, it's very challenging to travel the world as you mostly need to apply for visas. Having the knowledge, I get from my personal experience, I would want to extend a helping hand to those who are going through the process, especially if it's their first time or they don't know what to do. "

Her traveling experiences not only allowed her to discover great places – they also gave her an opportunity to get to know herself – who she is, what she really loves to do, and how she can be of help to others.

"My goal in life is to inspire at least one person a day. Hopefully, through my experiences and adventures, they could be encouraged to take a step closer to their dream, too. I feel that it's my purpose, my mission; that's what is keeping me going."

Kach’s blogs were nominated and won various travel blogging awards in the USA, UK, Philippines, and South Africa.
Kach is living the dream, but according to her, this doesn’t automatically mean she has a perfect life. She had battles to overcome from day to day. There was a time when she had not prioritized her health and wellbeing. It was when she had been overworking herself for years. It resulted in her experiencing burnout and that took a toll on her health, both physical and mental. She became sick and had to have surgery. Recently, she was also diagnosed with PTSD and unfortunately while going through that condition, her husband filed for a divorce. “Those were really bad days,” according to her.
Kach’s journey may have gone bumpy but amidst all the suffering, she remained faithful, exemplifying the truth that no matter the challenges along your way, the struggles that slow you down, and the number of circumstances that are trying to pull you out, having a sense of optimism, faith, discipline, and a strong purpose will make you an achiever in the long run. These things will make your journey worthwhile.
What Kach has built and the many lives she has helped through her platforms have earned her thousands of followers. And despite the effects of the pandemic on the travel and tourism industry and the state of her personal life, she has never faltered in extending help to Filipinos seeking adventure. Kach said she couldn’t have done it without her staff and the rest of the people who have helped her along the way.

"It is what it is. I stayed strong and kept going. Sometimes I get anxious or be in low moments, but I got anchors that will help me through. I learned to accept the circumstances, love myself more, and take care of my physical and mental health. "

As of this writing, Kach had already visited 146 countries, 170 territories, and 7 continents. The thing she is most proud of is not the number of places she’s traveled to but rather the kind of woman she has become and how she was able to inspire and help others.
For Kach, being an entrepreneur always comes with a risk, but it comes with an even greater reward. She believes that it is important not to stay stuck and to always strive to learn new things because the only constant thing is change.
Just like how it is when you travel, it’s important to be adaptable, flexible, and resilient. You will need to evolve with the times, remove the excess baggage, always look for opportunities to maximize your potential and of course, enjoy the journey.

" Find something you really want to do with the intention of not just helping yourself but creating an impact on other people's lives. " -Kach Howe

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