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The things one is passionate about are not random – which is why seeking to understand the things that spark that same passion and being bold enough to pursue these are crucial. Jade de Mesa, Personal and Professional Transition Coach and a Certified Mompreneur, believes that feeling empowered, grateful, and happy with who you are with the life you choose to live is worth starting your own journey towards a more fulfilling life.  
Jade had a long-running career in the corporate world where she started as a sales trainer, got promoted to Zone Manager where she handled multiple areas in the country, and eventually became the Division Manager for Central Luzon. However, after her retirement, she decided to continue pursuing her business studies and likewise engaged in career and business consulting services – during such a period, she had found herself at a crossroad and was struggling to seek a second wind. But after much heart-searching, she had an opportunity to be coached by a Life Coach.  She loved the experience so she pursued life coaching and has come to realize that life coaching has always been her calling which is why she went ahead and delved further into the process and the fundamentals of it and got certified.
Needless to say, Jade has been through a lot of transitions in her career and to a great degree, these transitions have inspired her vision of empowering women and helping them own their life transitions – being able to take them forward in the most enriching way possible. 

“After I was certified, I continued on my own and it helped me gain self-clarity and eventually became my passion. For 28 years at work, I imbibed my company’s vision to help and empower women. Thus, it was not hard for me to focus on Women’s needs through Life Coaching. Combining my passion and knowledge in people and business, I continued on.”

Jade’s services are focused on helping women, specifically, Mom Leaders such as corporate executives and social heads, as well as fellow Mompreneurs, whether they are just starting up or are already established, as they all navigate the roads they are taking. Moreover, Jade’s brand is specially tailored for women evolving in the different seasons of their lives as they happen. She believes that while it is normal for a woman to face such transitions, these do not follow a certain age pattern, as one may have to take different shifts in pathways to traverse larger paths whether at a young age or later in life. 

“I want to help empower women in what they do. Our natural coping ability (in any dire or difficult situation) and our nurturing nature were heightened during the Pandemic. Most women took the center stage to lead or support beyond their choosing but mostly out of necessity. They continue taking care of others, not realizing they started neglecting themselves. Thus, more and more women need guidance, mental and emotional support to continue on.”

Jade has incorporated all her knowledge and experience into helping her clients by tapping their fullest potentials, encouraging them to seize opportunities, guiding them in pursuing their passions and defining their goals, and preparing them for the roads ahead.
As a life coach, Jade recognizes that the biggest challenge her clients are facing is cultivating self-awareness and love within themselves because she noticed that women have a tendency to put others first and neglect themselves. What she has observed was that most of them would rather bank on empathy from their friends, partners, and loved ones just for a momentary morale boost – and the social stigma, especially in the Philippines, that seeking help from others, albeit professionally, is a sign of weakness does not help this situation, at all.  

“One can be highly functional but broken inside. We are always encouraged to be positive and to keep the ‘good vibes’ even if we are suffering inside.”

The notion that coaching is a ‘whim’ or something ‘superficial’ instead of an investment poses a challenge to her career and business as a life coach – but she braves through all of these, nonetheless, getting her motivation from her family and her clients, as well.

“Aside from my family, I am mostly motivated when someone has an ‘AHA!’ moment – seeing someone I mentored and coached progress in their journey. I always believe that in connecting with someone, I learn from them more than they learn from me.”

“My coaching process is personal, intentional, and authentic. Thus, my program is called Journey by Design. I keep my Life skills and insights side by side with yours.”

Jade holds that seeking balance is better than seeking perfection – a woman has to have self-awareness and be kinder to herself. These are just a few of the things that she highlights in her signature coaching program, Journey By Design. Her project is open to those who are seeking for clarity and guidance in their life ventures. Those interested may also check out the 30-minute mentoring series she conducts on her facebook platforms every Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.

“You are your New Road. Seek to understand and be bold to pursue your Road. Find support, reach out to the right people. Your ‘passion’ is not random.”

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