5 ways to spark creativity according to a creativity coach

I used to think that creativity is something only artists or special people are born with.  In my early years in school, I have accepted the fact that I lacked artistic or creative ability until I learned, through self-help books and further studies, that we’re all born with creative power.  The difference lies in whether you choose to embrace it. 
So what does it really mean to be creative? The Oxford dictionary defines creativity as “involving the use of skill and the imagination to produce something new or a work of art.” On the other hand, Collins Dictionary also tells us that “creative activities involve inventing and making new kinds of things, when you creatively do something, you do it in a new way or you solve problems that produce interesting and unusual results.” In line with these definitions, we can conclude that we can be creative wherever we work and whatever we do, and just like any other skill, it has to be strengthened in order to develop. No one can teach or force us to become creative. It has to come from within. Think of it like a muscle- the more you use ot exercise it, the stronger it becomes. 
Strengthening your creativity can positively impact the different areas of your life, including your work. Even if you work in a non-creative or a routinary corporate job, creativity can lead you to develop a solution to a problem that no one else has thought of. It can also lead you to think of an improved or new way of doing an old process. 
You maybe thinking that inspiration isn’t easy to come by when you want to create something.  You’re right.  Our creative juice may not always be there when we need it. So, we asked Mary Joy Karen Antonio, a Creativity Coach, to give us some tips on how to spark our creativity.  Here’s what Coach Joy Karen said:

Change things up.

Sometimes, you need a small change in your life to become more creative. It also helps you get unstuck. Change always triggers our brain to find out what’s happening. New experiences or new setups can spark creative ideas and develop new ways of thinking. Give yourself a jolt, whether it’s redecorating your space, stepping away from the computer, a walk in the park, going to new places, learning something new, or meeting new people. It’s up to you to explore and unlock your creativity.

Build a healthy reward system after accomplishing one small creative or progressive action.

A healthy reward system can be a helpful tool in strengthening your creativity, developing new behavior, and achieving your goals. Rewarding yourself by doing creative work will boost your creative muscles and increase your happy hormones.

Find out the most authentic, 'realest', the rawest reason why you want to do what you want to do.

Dig deeper about your why. What matters to you the most? It helps you get unstuck and find meaning in what you do. Thinking about your purpose can give you motivation and can spark your creativity.

Discover yourself more.

Knowing more about who you are can keep you motivated in doing creative work. Your strengths, interests, likes, activities you enjoy, places where you can find inspiration are some of the things you need to find more about are important to get your creative juices flowing. 

Flipping your negative self-talk script.

Most creative people have an internal battle whenever they dive into their work. Instead of allowing the negative script to keep on ruining your flow, finding ways to flip it allows you to be in control of your thoughts. So, stop telling yourself that you’re not a creative person. Remember, what you believe is what you become. 
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