Why you should not work overtime

Working overtime is something people applaud, but what if I told you that you shouldn’t work overtime? 

Yes, one or two times a week are fine, but working overtime almost every day could be unhealthy.   Here are the reasons why it’s not a good idea to work overtime:

Work and Life Balance, who?

There should be clear boundaries set between work life and personal life. One must not overshadow the other.

Although it doesn’t mean that you should equally divide 12 hours each for work and personal life, you should feel happy and content with both.  For example, you should finish your job on time to keep up and hang out with family and friend

Loyalty should not be slavery

The harsh reality is that you are replaceable at work. If you quit your job right now, they will find another one to fill the spot. Do your best but don’t give your all. Giving all that you’ve got can harm you.

 Prove your loyalty by being productive on the times you are expected to work. Know when enough is enough and when you should be letting go. Also, this is essential – LEARN TO SAY NO. A lot, and I mean a lot of people are afraid of saying no and it’s the reason why they end up doing tasks that aren’t supposed to be theirs in the first place.

Burnout and mental health concerns are real

Burnouts are real, and they can happen to anyone. Even the most successful person you know gets burnt out. So the best way to cope with this? Relax. I know, I know, you might be thinking “how could I relax? I still have so much to do to reach my goal?” Well, you can’t reach your goals if you feel miserable while working. You should be enjoying work, so don’t worry, you’ll get that six-figures, or promotion, or your own business if you learn to relax and be present on your own time! 

Remember that life is more than just reaching your goals, it’s living it. Don’t regret not living, work when needed and relax whenever you can. Now go out there and use your time wisely! Don’t spend it on overtime! 

About The Author
Maggie Regacho

Maggie Regacho

Maggie is Featured PH’s Associate Editor.  She is also a brand and graphic designer, a success-driven student and an aspiring educator. She is a feminist that loves being organized and productive. Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/keki.kreatives/

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