ANNA LEAH LUNA-RAVEN: A Story of Confidence, Resilience, and Passion

What if there is someone out there who feels the very same way you do? And has the same dreams that you do? Would you risk opening up your heart again? Ask yourself – Why not?
Sometimes we feel as though our dreams are far beyond our reach. The lengths we would go to get something we really want are more often equivalent to how much we long for it. These are just some of the words that Anna Leah Luna-Raven has lived by and now wishes to share with her readers – she had always dreamt of putting something out there that would inspire people, hopefully change their lives, make them feel that they are not alone, and assure them that their experiences are both valid and valued.

“ I want to be my readers’ secret best friend, one they can run to and not feel embarrassed. I want them to know that they can come to me (or my book) anytime they want to have a conversation about what they think and how they feel – even those that others consider taboo. ”

The Author

Anna Leah Luna-Raven is an emerging Filipino author currently residing in Perth, Australia. Anna wrote and published her very first book called Conversations (I Never Had) With Luna as a way of paying homage to her family maiden name, Luna. The book is a collection of poems and short stories — those of which she has poured her heart and soul into over the years, some even during the roughest ones when she was battling depression.
From a very young age, Anna started manifesting her passion for writing. Her family was Anna’s first audience. As a kid, she fondly remembers sharing her stories and poems with her family at the dinner table. She also loved keeping a diary close for whenever she would feel like scribbling down her thoughts and emotions that she could not really express any way else.
Anna believes in the power of prayer. She remains steadfast in her Catholic faith, always seeking the Lord’s guidance in fulfilling her life’s mission. According to her, she finds inspiration to come up with brilliant ideas in reading motivational books and listening to insightful talks. She also thinks that doing some chores around the house can be rather fulfilling and drives her to be more productive. These are just amongst the things that give her the boost she needs in everything she does – especially during the toughest of situations.

“I pray a lot. I am Catholic, but by no means perfect, so I need a lot of guidance from God. I guess it’s hard starting something first, but once I get into it, I feel like doing more.”

The Book

Anna found solace and comfort in writing the book, recounting the process as something rewarding and therapeutic, at the same time, when she did not feel like she could talk to anyone. It was when she decided to start introspecting – having conversations with herself, with God, and with the moon.
“Conversations (I Never Had) With Luna and Other Stories is a collection of poems and short stories which explores all the discussions or talks we want to have with both ourselves and other people. It delves into the psyche as well as relationships, and this cannot be more timely than now after a pandemic, where we are questioning all the things that are happening in our lives and what we need to do to survive. It also brings relief from reality – it is a good mix of what was, what is, and what might have been. It is split into five chapters – many moons ago, once in a blue moon, over the moon, promise the moon, and shoot for the moon – all exploring different themes, like works from and about the past, from light to darker topics, about love to hopes, dreams and aspirations – all of which will hopefully engage the reader to go on a journey of words and feel all kinds of different emotions, and make them reflect about life.”
According to Anna, this book was written primarily for middle-aged women like herself. The book is for women who share the same love for books, coffee, and the occasional cocktail – those who enjoy catching up with friends in cafes and restaurants or get that ‘instant connection’ whenever they bump into familiar faces whilst shopping or out on a grocery run.

“I wrote Conversations (I Never Had) With Luna mainly for middle-aged women. They may have kids of their own, or not necessarily, but are titas to their family or friends’ kids. They like going out now and again, but like alone time too. Their clubs now include jogging and working out club, parent-teacher club, pastry and cake-making club, craft club, among others, instead of hanging out at bars and dance clubs. They most likely keep a calendar for all their family and social events, and a journal too, giving them a sense or semblance of an organised life.”

Conversations (I Never Had) with Luna is for those who, amidst having had a colorful past, now fear that the world may not be too accepting of them anymore – that they are isolated, stuck, and slowly losing it all. Anna shares that she is currently facing these fears herself. Nevertheless, while braving these fears, she continues to dream.  Anna constantly works towards gaining and maintaining self-confidence and security, a fulfilled family life, and a balance between her career and relationships. These are the things she wants to impart to her readers, hoping she can help and make them feel like they’re not going through matters like these alone and that they can come to her whenever they are looking for someone to have a meaningful conversation with about life.

“This book is for someone who loves life but is confused sometimes by it and needs validation and direction. They may be in or looking for a relationship or looking for a change. These are women trying to either find or stay true to their identity, have a child-like way of seeing the world (can be naïve and vulnerable like a child), but always take it all in and do what needs to be done."

Anna bravely recognizes that the book might not be to every woman’s liking; in her own words, “As human beings, we are all different, and we appeal to different types of people. The book is the same.” Even so, she believes that her book is unique in the sense that it has a very personal feel – involving a multitude of things and feelings – much like a diary or a journal they can always come back to every now and then. Her vision is to give the person reading it an assurance that she is with them, that she understands, and most of all, would never judge them.

“It’s different because I am different. And I am offering a part of myself with my book.”

On Success and Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Anna shares that finding the specific niche where her book belongs in the market and selling the book concept to her audience are quite challenging for her.  She’s striving to find and establish that connection. She overcame her fear of failure by building trust within herself first.  She eventually approached her family and friends,  and that’s when her audience started to grow. She was able to market her book by putting out free promotions, working on a larger social media reach, and with the help of her peers, spreading it by word of mouth. Anna was also blessed to have extended help and guidance from esteemed coaches and marketing strategists like Valerie-Peramide-Fischer, as well as other subject matter experts and marketing firms. She shares that they have given her some wonderful insights on how to best market her book, which have also been vital to her growth. 
Anna holds that to succeed, a woman must possess three things: resilience, confidence in herself, and a passion for the things she does. She is proud of all the progress she has made thus far and is grateful for being able to do the thing she loves the most, which is writing.

“I am proud of the person I am today, because I am now doing what I love most – writing. Not everybody, I guess, has the opportunity to do this. I am lucky because I come from and live in a very multicultural country where there’s freedom of expression, where everyone is acknowledged and accepted, whoever you are or whatever it is that you do.”

More about Anna

Stay tuned for the official launch of Anna Leah Luna-Raven’s book soon. Check out her website, http://www.conversationsineverhadwithluna.com,  where you’ll find all the information on her much-anticipated book, Conversations (I Never Had) with Luna, as well as future podcast episodes to watch out for. The website also features more of her interesting blogs, podcast episodes of her discussing various fascinating subjects, and book reviews from her readers, and of course.
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“Keep at it! If you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere yet, just keep going. As they say, it is always darkest before the dawn. You will go through difficult days, but you will overcome them if you believe in yourself and your capacity and capability to get things done. One day, you will thank yourself for not giving up.”

About The Author
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