New Perspective On Emotional Triggers

(For Women Who Are Easily Triggered And Don’t Like It)

Ever wondered why you have people in your life that you don’t like and trigger negativity in you? Or have you experienced something you disliked that triggered a whole lot of distress in you? Or circumstances happened, and you’re left feeling drained, unmotivated, and uninspired? 
Let’s call them triggers- they are circumstances, situations, events, or people in our lives that disrupt the normal pattern of peace and joy in our day-to-day living. They trigger a deeper part of ourselves that we didn’t want to feel yet they’re just there, lingering deep inside us, waiting for someone or something to happen until it rises back to the surface and becomes apparent.
Most of the time, we view them as something unpleasant and unacceptable. For those who have the same kind of protective mechanism, like me, we usually would want just to run away from them so we can avoid the negativity that they bring. We detach or withdraw ourselves from the situation or person by distracting ourselves with different activities (sometimes unhealthy ones). We leave, run or hide by all means to avoid the negative emotions and undesirable experiences they bring. That’s because, we think, the easiest way to deal with these triggers is avoidance.
But have you noticed? When we keep avoiding them, they keep coming back one way or the other. It can come from a different person or situation at a different place and time, but they’re the same kind of triggers that bring the same negative feelings. Why is that?
According to one of the most influential spiritual teachers in the world, Eckhart Tolle, “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”
What does that have to do with our triggers? 
It means that no matter how difficult it is to deal with the present moment, no matter how painful it is to have these triggers, we can still be grateful. This is part of our evolution as human beings and as spiritual beings having this human experience. By becoming fully present and aware of what’s going on within us, the light of consciousness will show us the way.
We are actually growing and coming into deeper contact with our inner beings, consciousness, higher self, God, Universe, spirit, however you want to call it. These triggers are instruments to greater knowledge about ourselves, they are messengers that allow us to discover our own truth, and tools that help us express and become who we really are. When we allow these undesirable circumstances and people we dislike or even hate to reveal to us what is there underneath the shadows (our wounded self and protectors), it can also reveal to us what we’re really afraid of, what we are protecting ourselves from, and who we can become out of the process.
When you are in this state of being highly emotional, getting too reactive, overthinking, or feeling stressed out, take time to be with yourself. It’s time for a self-encounter. There is so much more to be discovered about You. And it’s fun! Yes, it is!
Whenever something gets revealed out of my journaling and other spiritual practices like meditation and EFT, I get so amazed. It’s like an AHA moment, and it’s always great to discover more about my true self in the process. These practices have totally transformed my life. It changed the way I relate to myself and  to others. It has also improved my perspective and my way of living.
I still get triggers from time to time. I get that it doesn’t end right away. It’s also not a one-time big-time thing. Life is a continuous journey of growth and discoveries. We just have to keep our faith that whatever life throws at us, the Universe always has our back. And just like what Jim Carrey said, We are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. We will only have two choices: love or fear.”  No matter how deep your wounds are and no matter how painful it is to deal with your triggers, always choose to be forgiving, more compassionate and most importantly, choose to be more loving. Fear cripples us. Love will set us free.
Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.
Do you still hate getting triggered? It’s time for a new perspective! Here’s a short prayer that can help in dealing with your triggers: Thank you Universe for guiding me in this process of self-discovery. I honor this present moment and I choose to feel good. I am open to receiving guidance and support.
Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. People and events in our lives serve their purpose and they happen for us. Face your triggers with love, heal your wounds, and live an amazing life! 
About The Author
Maria Katrina Ibo

Maria Katrina Ibo

Kat is a breakthrough and transformational coach. She is helping women through her Breakthrough Femme coaching programs and resources so they can embrace themselves wholly, clear limiting beliefs and live a meaningful and purposeful life. She is also a virtual assistant, nurse and teacher. With great passion for self-discovery and inner work, she believes that for women who are in their process of emotional healing, you are not a broken piece. You are simply becoming the person you're meant to be in the first place.

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