RHONE MALAGA: Empowering Others, Breaking Limits

Many people fail to reach their dreams not because of lack of talent, resources, or connections, but because they limit themselves.
We must understand that our mindset affects everything we tell ourselves. Mindset is a set of beliefs, thoughts, and knowledge about yourself and the world you live in. 
Your mindset influences your feelings and how you react to situations. Therefore, your mindset affects your reality and your results.
Because most people have mindsets that limit them, they get backed into a corner of who they think they’re supposed to be and what they want to achieve. So, most of the time, pursuing anything else becomes so foreign that it’s not even worth trying.  These limiting thoughts make people imprison themselves within their fears so they see themselves as failures over time.
When a successful woman entrepreneur was asked about success, Rhone Malaga responded, “There’s no shortcut to success. You must persevere and have a clear vision of where you’re heading. And remember that you can have everything! We are limitless”

From Employee To Business Owner

Rhone Malaga is the CEO and founder of ACDC Solutions and Services, Inc. A passionate
learner, giver, and hardworking entrepreneur who started her career as a rank-and-file employee in her industry. She intentionally climbed the corporate ladder and studied the businesses she wanted to pursue. She knew back then that she could do more and be more.

"My vision is clear. Ever since I started working, I knew that I can be more, and I can do more. I know I can be a businesswoman, and I can expand myself more and be able to tap other people's potential at the same time."

ACDC Solutions and Services Inc. is a mechanical engineering company with expertise in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, from mechanical design to installation. Their main office is located in Pasig City. ACDC has been expanding its engineering services since its establishment in 2019. It aims to be the leading mechanical engineering company and inspire Filipinos toward a technologically advanced future.
Before Rhone decided to start this business, she intentionally studied the nitty gritty of this industry and wants her brand to be a one-stop shop for all heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

"Since then I really wanted to have my own business. I intentionally studied the nitty gritty of this industry. I was intentional. I exerted effort, time, and energy to learn this kind of business. From there, I knew what I really wanted and how to get there."

A CEO For The People

“Gusto kong maging inspirasyon sa mga taong nangangarap.”

Rhone wants to help people reach for their dreams. She wants to be an inspiration and an
instrument to help others succeed so she created jobs and trained people to find confidence in becoming the person they want to be.

“I want to be an avenue of inspiration that we can actually achieve everything and we just have to persist.”

"I believe that our thoughts are extremely powerful."

She aspires to tap people’s fullest potential through the businesses she’s built and continue to create opportunities for others to succeed in all areas of their lives. She wants to let everyone understand that, just like her, they already have what it takes to be successful. They just need to be limitless- have a growth mindset and start claiming their powers.

"ACDC is a brand that goes above and beyond. We ensure that our services have the human touch. We go the extra mile. #ACDCcares"

On Challenges and Success

Rhone shares that she always desires to pass on her vision. She wants to build more passionate people, so she continues to think of ways how she can motivate and inspire them.

Rhone wants to highlight the importance of self-care. For the past few years, she wakes up at 5am, meditates and goes to the gym, and that helps her reprogram her soul and mind everyday.

Rhone also feels fulfilled to know that she is able to help and support her parents now.

“You have to honor your parents. When you do, blessings will overflow.”

She’s also proud that she was able to pass on the lessons that she learned from her experiences to her employees and mentees.

“It fuels me when I inspire a lot of people.”

When asked what she wants to tell the women who want to succeed in life, work, and business, Rhone said that it is essential to put your heart in what you do and be results-driven. It is also equally important to be good at people.

"Build relationships, not just profit. Your ability to lead, inspire, and help people to succeed will build your business."

Rhone started to venture into the food industry in partnership with Takobros. They officially launched their first bar and restaurant called R&S Bar and Kitchen last October 25.

Follow Rhone's Businesses:

ACDC Solutions and Services, Inc.

Website: https://www.acdcssinc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ACDCsolutionsServicesIn

R&S Bar and Kitchen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/randsbarkitchen

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