ANALYN ALOPOOP: Grounded in Faith, Guided By Vision

Analyn Alopoop, co-owner and the Vice President of ACDC Solutions and Services Inc., believes in the power of having a clear vision.

"Our Vision is essential in order to succeed."- Analyn, Vice President, ACDC

Analyn, more popularly known as Anne to her family and friends is the Vice President of ACDC.  She co-founded this company during the pandemic with a vision to create an organization that is people-oriented. 

"I want to utilize my time doing things that are deemed important to me as being an employee would restrict me from reaching my full potential."

ACDC Solutions and Services Inc. is a mechanical engineering company whose expertise is in Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning, from mechanical design to installation.

In line with their desire to expand, ACDC is now a total solution for mechanical engineering as they now have new services in plumbing, fire pro, and electrical. They also recently launched a coating solution that aims to reduce energy consumption while using mechanical equipment such as Air-Conditioning.

All these are part of Anne’s vision and commitment to help others and her company grow.  She attributes her success to having a strong faith in God.  From someone who grew up as a youth leader, she believes that we live and function to bring glory to God and influence the world for him. 

"I’d like to expand my influence. This comes from my vision as someone who grew up as a youth leader. I want to inspire the younger generation fulfilling their own dreams so that soon, this country would be filled with our very own businessmen (Filipino businessman/woman and even a tycoon )."

On Challenges and Overcoming them

Anne said that one of the most challenging part they’ve encountered as a start-up business was funding. Thankfully, they were able to overcome it through resourcefulness and creativity.  Their background and expertise in this field helped them turn problems into opportunities. 

Anne also added that people-management is another challenge they continue to face.  As a leader, one must always think of ways to inspire and motivate her team to be the best they can be so they will continue to grow together with their company.

She believes that her faith, her willingness to learn, and with the guidance from her mentors, her company will continue to thrive and rise above these challenges.

"The first year of handling them is the most challenging. As a start-up, the foundation I gained while undergoing school of leaders has not become enough. We have to use the trial-and-error approach with our first few employees. Then, I have to consult different experts to properly handle the entire people we had at that time. I’m really glad to have so many mentors and they never withheld any knowledge and wisdom. I’m a believer of mentorship. This I think attributed to great success we’re attaining, not a short cut but we were able to go straight to success with lesser casualties."

On Motivation and Success

According to Anne, spending time with the word of God and reflecting on what she envisioned after reading the bible motivates her and makes her feel alive every single time. 

Despite the success, Anne is most proud of the person she became because of her faith and willingness to help others.

She said that in everything she does as a businesswoman, she does it to glorify and serve his creator and that makes her feel fulfilled and at peace.

"Despite the success I consider having, I’m proud to say that the foundations instilled deep within me didn’t falter nor changed. I’m still that young dreamer whose ideals are still present to now. I keep my feet on the ground. Success for me is when I got what I want yet my fundamentals are still intact."

Anne believes that in order to succeed, one must have a vision because where there is no vision, people will perish. 

According to her, our vision defines why you do what you do. For women who want to succeed in life, work, and business, Anne would like to impart Proverbs 31:10-31 as virtues for success.

Aside from ACDC, Anne is also entering into the food and beverage industry.  They recently launched their first venture in the food and beverage business called R&S Bar and Kitchen last October 25.  Anne, her partners, and their team are looking forward to turning more of visions into reality .

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R&S Bar and Kitchen

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