How To Raise Your Vibe When Life Feels Like A Downward Spiral

Two years ago, I started following my bliss and it was one of the best parts of my life experiences.
After two years, I found myself all over the place. 
I felt messy and uninspired. I faced different kinds of triggers and past wounds resurfaced. I didn’t like what was happening, I felt like my life was going through a downward spiral. It came to a point when my only form of success was to be able to get up, drink water and eat. My only form of inspired action was finding something to be grateful for. The only act of kindness I can do was to respond to a chat and make sure the person I was speaking with felt heard and acknowledged. 
Behind all that was a wounded warrior, holding a tiny little sword of light cutting through the layers of darkness and fear. 
When I started asking myself what was going on and why, I was reminded of centering, alignment and flow.
I noticed how I spent my energy everywhere. I was back to my old self – worrying, blaming, judging, and finding fault in others. I allowed my external circumstances to affect my being. I lost touch with my inner compass. I’ve been overthinking, self-sabotaging, and inconsistent with my actions.
I’ve seen how my ego worked. This part of me wanted perfection in every event and person I dealt with. When it sees imperfection, judgments happen and disappointments occur. Followed by other emotions leading to more self-sabotaging behaviors. The moment I realized this, I knew exactly what to do. I decided to let go of control. 

Feeling is Healing

I allowed myself to feel every emotion that resurfaced. I was scared, fearful, and alone. I gave myself permission to be with my wounded self. I went deep into this darkness until I could feel no more. Then all that was left was me and my silent breathing. There goes the space. And peace. And life.
When I allowed myself to feel, I allowed myself to grieve for all the times when I felt I wasn’t safe. I gained a whole new perspective and a new sense of peace, love, and acceptance in the end. It also offered a great deal of humility and compassion from within.
Acknowledge yourself and how you truly feel. It’s important that we accept all that we are without judgment. These feelings are part of our growth process, and they’re here for a reason. Emotion is a gateway to your becoming. Avoid suppressing your emotions. Releasing stuck negative emotions gives way to healing and thriving.

Self-Compassion and Acceptance

There was this greater calling to be kinder and more compassionate to myself as I went through this phase. At first, I recognized the resistance and I was beating myself up for not getting into the higher vibe and for not being productive. But I am where I am and upon embracing the present, the light of forgiveness and acceptance started to shine through and I just then allowed myself to experience all of it.
I practiced letting go of resistance and did what I could to go through it with my truth and my vulnerable self. Ah, that feeling when you’ve accepted yourself fully wherever you are in your journey is such a vibe!
It’s also during these times when we’re called to slow down. We may need to pause and breathe, do something else that would nourish our soul, and take a break from normal activities. Allow yourself to experience this moment. Pause, slow down, take a break, do what you’re called to do.

Choosing to Feel Good

I believe that there’s this innate sense of self that propels us to keep moving forward despite the lack of joy and the presence of fear. And it’s present in all of us. The more we are connected to our inner being, the easier it is to get access to it.
One easy way that helped me feel better was to simply honor my breathing. Once I did that, waves of gratitude came over and it became easier to find more energy to keep going. Then I exerted an extra effort to think good thoughts and shift my perspective about certain things. I made a conscious choice to shift my beliefs and help my body produce those happy hormones. 
Gabby Bernstein said, “The very second we choose a loving thought, our emotions shift, and our energy changes. This is realignment with the Universe.” When I was reminded of this, it signaled me to think of new thoughts in order to build new neurological connections that allow the energy of calmness, clarity, confidence, compassion, courage and creativity to grow. We  have a choice in every situation. Choose to feel good. Choose to think loving thoughts.

The Art of Allowing

I was once afraid of facing my own feelings. So I went through life doing things that helped me escape from my real state of emotion – getting myself busy through working, studying, malling, spending, binge-watching, etc. 
My journey through emotional and spiritual growth taught me how to face fearful emotions with faith. Knowing that I am fully guided and supported by a higher power, I found the courage to surrender. I made myself feel safe in facing my shadows. It was fearful and heavy, but as I surrendered with faith, it began to feel lighter and lighter. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. I had to train myself and make it simpler and easier in my own ways.
Experience the miracle of surrender when you open yourself to unlimited guidance and support. Everything is working out for you. Trust in the divine timing and keep the faith. When you align your energy to the energy of what you want, when you release your resistance to what is and begin to flow with life, you’ll experience living with light and ease. Eventually, you’ll come up with the idea that will help you step out of the loop and begin to create a new and exciting experience for yourself. I love it when Dr. Wayne Dyer said: There’s a spiritual solution to every problem. You don’t always have to figure it out at once. Sometimes, all you need is to step back, relax, and let the universe show you the way.
It made a big difference when I allowed myself to journey through this spiritual path of surrender and trust. I began writing my intention and used it as a guide on how I will respond to the challenges that life brings. I opened myself to receiving guidance and support and trust that whatever the current circumstance is, all is well. I am grateful to every person who’s been with me through this journey. I know I am not alone and the Universe will always have my back.
In our journey through this Earth school, it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies. At the end of the day, we just have to love the ups and downs of life and everything in between. You are where you are and exactly where you’re meant to be. There is so much growth available for us and we just have to keep going and keep growing. And when feelings seem unbearable, help is always available.
And hey! You don’t have to figure it out all at once. You can take it one step at a time. You got this!
About The Author
Maria Katrina Ibo

Maria Katrina Ibo

Kat is a breakthrough and transformational coach. She is helping women through her Breakthrough Femme coaching programs and resources so they can embrace themselves wholly, clear limiting beliefs and live a meaningful and purposeful life. She is also a virtual assistant, nurse and teacher. With great passion for self-discovery and inner work, she believes that for women who are in their process of emotional healing, you are not a broken piece. You are simply becoming the person you're meant to be in the first place.

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