NANCY RIVERA: Think Like A Woman—The Ticket to Success

Upon her aspirations, Nancy Rivera affirms that in a society where women are asked to think like a man, it is revolutionary to scrap that stigma—let us think like a woman because we are one!
Nancy Rivera is a Real Estate Specialist and Founder of Future Planning. Nancy’s passion to assist people to own their dream homes, invest in appreciative properties and achieve sound decisions as some of their lifelong goals as a Real Estate Practitioner is a major compatibility that one can desire. Bound by the motivation that she had through a cherished gift from her father, Nancy discovered her true calling: providing trustworthy assistance to make the most important aforementioned acquisition to every Filipino.
Future Planning is built with a foundation of relationships and trust. To have someone to discuss exactly what you’re looking for and to truly understand you from a practical perspective is a triumphant form of business. Through connections, the enterprise grew and developed stronger for their clients’ best interest.
When the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act became a law in 2016, it helped realtors such as Nancy herself to grow their accountability to the law and to the people it serves in terms of taxation and the process of acquiring or selling land.

Get Rich with Options

Financial literacy is the next big step a person must take after earning enough money. Once you reach your savings goal, you need to figure out what to do with your money. The world is full of uncertainties; it is only practical that people learn to regularly save up for emergencies, for travel plans, and for safety net. But as you come past the target, you get confused about whether to let your savings sit at the bank and let someone else gain profit for it—so, you look for an idea where to invest it properly.
While Nancy’s colleagues eat at the most expensive places and parties all night, her father idealizes her to put her money into sound investments that will regenerate better value as time passes. Soon enough, she discovered herself in the profession of Real Estate career and inspires people to grow the value of their money too.
Good advice will indeed change your life drastically. Being able to know what to do with your hard-earned money and scrapping the lame excuse “You only live once” will surely create a big difference in your perspective. It all starts from a change in mindset until, before you know it, it becomes your lifestyle—a lifestyle that you have to invest yourself to in order to afford the luxury of freedom and options.
People nowadays get better access to information at a young age, so many young people are now aware that investments are the appropriate way to save money. Hence, we must know better, too, of the ways to do so. By that, Future Planning is a bridge to connect us to our visions and fresh aspirations.
Nancy does not believe that women must step up to the game—but rather, change how the game works. In order to achieve the greatest potential of ourselves, we must not let society obligate us to think the way men do—or what, let their egos steal the light in our vulnerability?

Your Ticket to Success

As women, Nancy believes that we are born with the gift of wisdom that is empowered within our hearts, where our emotions are created. Society says that our emotions control the best of us, but that is the point! Nancy stated that the most valuable pieces of wisdom are derived from our empathy toward others. Humans get attached more deeply when the connection is binded with feelings. Nancy’s engagement with people helps her create sustainable connections, wherein connection leads to meaningful conversations. Considering that this is an important skill, Nancy emphasizes that it is a woman’s power to be aware of her ability. Hence, we cannot achieve our maximal insights if the game is rigged by people who lack compassion among others in the first place.

“What success affords you as a person is options. The more options you have the better your rate for success. Increase your options by creating connections. Connections are deeply embedded in relationships. And relationships are stirred when people feel strong emotions. So next time you hear people say, “she is emotional because she is a woman” Celebrate it. It is your ticket to success.”

According to Nancy, the greatest weapon that a woman can have is her strong emotional potential. She could not stress this enough, but just because the world does not like a woman who expresses her feelings does not mean you will abide. The only voice we women have to listen to is within ourselves. It is the voice that speaks the truth and the purest desires of our heart. We should not repress our feelings because the belittling society says so—we should use it to our utmost advantage and widen our connections in order to build a better character. Besides, emotions make our judgment more human and more capable of understanding other people. Nevertheless, our emotions are what make us strong. In that way, you are efficient in expanding the luxury of having options.
Play the Trojan horse as much as you’d like, per se. Women are going to change the game. Upon Nancy’s aspirations, she does not only lead people to their dream homes and appreciative investments—she also stands strong as a woman who is capable of building a shift of direction that heads to a new lifestyle that anybody can achieve through making a sound decision that is going to change their lives forever.
Our thoughts, emotions, and voices as women are our ticket to success.

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