ANGELIQUE TOREJA-LOTUACO: Crafting Success From The Ground Up

When we look at successful entrepreneurs, we often perceive a trajectory of linear success – an ideal we consider far from our reach. But Angelique Toreja-Lotuaco, affectionately known as Torj, has a different story to tell. Her path, marked by self-discovery, resilience, and fierce determination, exemplifies an entrepreneur’s journey towards actualizing their dreams.
Angelique has been a risk-taker ever since her College days. She never missed out on fun, but she was never not practical. Years later, it came as nothing but a surprise of what the future held for her.
At 34, Angelique has been proud of herself on achieving triumph as she fulfills her roles as a wife, a mother, and a Realtor. Although the Real Estate Industry can be demanding and time-consuming, her time management and skills in balancing her responsibilities are one of her top areas of expertise as she focuses on nurturing her family alongside her career. Besides, what greater achievement can a woman attain than the success that comes from within?

In 2014, Angelique achieved recognition as the Top 3 Producer and Top 1 in Number of Transactions in Sales Marketing. Later in 2017, Angelique and her husband established AAA Realty, wherein they received a nomination in their first year as the Most Responsive Brokerage by Lamudi PH, a prominent online platform for real estate in the country. Additionally, in 2023, AAA Realty was nominated for the Business Breakthrough Award for the year 2022 by the same esteemed company.

AAA Realty is a real estate brokerage firm co-founded by Angelique and her husband in 2017.AAA Realty prides itself on personalized and quality service. The firm is committed to building long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues, striving to create memorable real estate experiences. The approach is rooted in understanding clients’ needs, preferences, and budgets and matching them with the right properties.

The company focuses on serving clients who are interested in buying or selling mid to high-end properties in Metro Manila and nearby cities. Their specialization lies in condominiums or office spaces in prominent CBD areas like BGC and Makati, as well as residential and commercial properties throughout Metro Manila and its surrounding cities. As of 2023, the firm continues to grow, driven by Angelique and her husband’s passion for real estate and commitment to their clients as well as adhering to the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and resilience in everything they do.

From Slam Books

As we look back years ago, how did all these achievements start? Where did Angelique’s fate start from? How have they been cultivated through the course of time?

Angelique started manifesting her dream career ever since she was only 10 years old by randomly writing “Successful Businesswoman” on autographs and slam books, one of the cute, popular cultures during the time. In College, she had no clue about her career path and simply desire to go out and party every night. As a result, she eventually landed a job at a BGC bar, earning P1,500 every Friday night for promotion and customer attraction. Having fun is the only thing that fills her youthful days and her goal was to simply have a good time.

Angelique’s real estate journey began when she met a guy who sold properties for a developer. Encouraged to apply, she immediately passed the interview and found joining the company easier than expected. However, her first sale proved to be a significant challenge.

She struggled during her first few months and only made her first sale on the 6th month. According to her, the first few months of her role were filled with immense pressure and stress, largely due to the fact that she had yet to make her first sale. Seeing her peers succeeding added a layer of difficulty, making her question her abilities and fit in the industry. Angelique admitted that these were among some of the most challenging months of her career life. Every day brought a new question, the most persistent one being, “Is this really for me?”. However, after six months of intense dedication, perseverance, and self-reflection, Angelique made her first ice-break sale. This significant milestone served as a validation of her efforts and an affirmation of her place in the industry. Not only was it a turning point in her career, but it was also a significant boost to her self-confidence.

Angelique was given a huge opportunity in her life, and she didn’t give up despite the significant challenges that came her way. Angelique remained determined to uphold her career and even aim higher.

I stay motivated by constantly reminding myself of my personal dreams and the well-being of my family. The thought of providing a comfortable and fulfilling life for them drives me to excel in my work and strive for greater achievements. Witnessing my family enjoy the rewards of our hard work inspires me to pursue even more dreams and create a brighter future for all of us.

A Leap Of Faith

In December 2013, Angelique decided to step up her game. She ventured into the online space, launching a website to attract international investors interested in the Philippine real estate market. With this digital expansion, she set an ambitious goal: to become the top producer in her company by 2014.

As the new year dawned, Angelique experienced a consistent streak of successful sales each month.

However, she missed the top spot, landing in third among her sales and marketing colleagues. Though this didn’t meet her initial aspiration, Angelique chose to see the glass half full. She took pride in her accomplishments and remained grateful, recognizing that she had given her all.

Interestingly, despite missing first place in total sales, she found herself number one in terms of transaction volume. This recognition was a testament to her relentless efforts and dedication. During the award ceremony in 2015, Angelique had the privilege of sharing her success story with her colleagues, marking a significant milestone in her career.

However, later in 2015, Angelique faced a turning point. She boldly decided to leave her role with the developer she had represented for five years. This choice stemmed from a desire to align her career with her personal values and objectives. She felt a pressing need to undertake a journey of self-discovery, which inevitably meant stepping away from her comfort zone.

Despite limited savings, Angelique took a leap of faith. She resigned from her position and rented a living room space from a colleague in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), transforming it into a makeshift office during the day and a humble sleeping area at night. She launched her freelance broker career, embracing uncertainty and the inherent risks that came with it. To her surprise, the leap of faith paid off. Existing clients began entrusting her with their properties for sale or rent in one of the BGC buildings. Frequent visits to the building for inspections allowed Angelique to connect with other property owners, who soon enlisted her as their broker. Her business began to thrive, marking the start of an exciting professional journey.

In 2017, Angelique and her boyfriend, now husband, made a significant decision. They started their own real estate brokerage, further embarking on their shared path in the industry. This step signified the start of a new chapter, one promising challenges, rewards, and an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow together.

Overcoming Obstacles During The Pandemic

The AAA Realty is more than just a conjugal business for Angelique and her husband. It was an answer, a purpose, a mission. The couple aims to maintain a familial home with a healthy relationship amongst each other.

When the pandemic hit, it forced her to confront a new set of challenges. She and her husband navigated the crisis with a problem-solving mindset and continued supporting their employees, arranging transportation and gradually regaining momentum once on-site operations resumed.

New Project

After being in the industry for 13 years, Angelique and her husband are exploring a new venture: building dream homes in the South area. Their duplex project in Parañaque is nearing completion, an accomplishment that once seemed an unreachable dream.

To Angelique, women’s aspirations are an important factor to succeed in work and life. The actions after those aspirations are the greatest steps you’ll ever take.

  • First and foremost, set your goals straight and clear, then believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving everything that your heart desires. Have the willpower to stay committed to achieving them, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.

  • Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you to develop a positive mindset that embraces growth and learning. Continuously invest in your personal and professional development, seeking knowledge and skills that will propel you forward. Be true to yourself and stick to your core values, even facing challenges or societal expectations.

  • Looking back 5-10-15 years to where you started and realizing how far you’ve come is a powerful indication of success, but remember that it is not an ultimate destination, but a journey, and each step forward is a testament to your strength, perseverance, and determination. You have the power to shape your own destiny and make a positive impact, if not to the world, to the people who matter to you.


In the ever-evolving world of real estate, Angelique Toreja-Lotuaco stands as a beacon of ingenuity, determination, and resilience. Her remarkable journey from a club promoter to a leading figure in the industry showcases her unwavering commitment to success. With a profound ability to architect dreams from the ground up.   Angelique continues to inspire and create spaces that encapsulate both her clients’ visions and her entrepreneurial spirit. As she treads onward, crafting success from within, she remains a testament to the power of will, persistence, and the belief that our dreams are within reach, if only we dare to pursue them.

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