BREAKING THE SILENCE: The Power of Mental Health Support

Did you know that pre-pandemic, the staggering truth unveiled that 1 in every 5 adults was silently battling the weight of a mental illness? Even more astonishingly, it was discovered that over 1 in 5 of our vibrant youth were also grappling with severe mental health challenges. Imagine what the statistics are showing after the pandemic. It provokes a deep curiosity and concern about what the numbers might reveal today.
There is an increasing number of people experiencing mental health challenges but what’s even more alarming is how this tide has surged amongst our younger folks. They, more than any other demographic, are finding themselves in the crosshairs, increasingly susceptible and at heightened risk of developing mental health issues. Indeed, it’s clear that the surge in mental health challenges can feel overwhelming, but it’s vital to remember that there are many among us who are successfully navigating these troubled waters. They embody resilience, demonstrating that, despite the storm, we can learn to sail and find our way.

Have you ever wondered what makes some resilient and able to overcome mental health challenges?

As a health care professional and a mental health coach/mentor, there are many strategies that help someone build resiliency and maintain optimal mental health despite of challenges. One thing that is key and a precursor to all of the effective strategies is actually being open to receiving help and support. This is essential in overcoming challenges and creating mental wellness. This means one goes beyond asking for help to actually accepting the help and applying it. Simple but not easy, especially if the person isn’t open to receiving and accepting help.

What possible reason would one have for not being open to receiving and accepting help when it is obvious to everyone else that they need help? There are a few ways to answer that question, but here’s one that I deeply believe to be true.

Receiving and accepting help means change; if one hasn’t learned to be welcoming of change, then that’s a challenge on top of the mental health challenge. This is a contributing factor to the silence and struggle of mental health problems.

What's the Solution?

Changing mindset about, well, change.

It is said that the only thing constant is change and that nothing is permanent so here’s a few guiding questions that may help if you are experiencing mental health challenges. You are asking for help but you are finding it difficult to receive and accept help.

  1. Check your beliefs about change. What beliefs do you have that are holding you back from receiving the help and support?
  2. Check your pattern in your thoughts, feelings and actions. What patterns do you have that prevent you from receiving help and support?
  3. Check your perception about your abilities and capacities. How do you see your abilities and capacities to receive help and what possibilities do you see if and when you receive help and support?
  4. Check your vision and intention. What visions and intentions do you have for your mental wellbeing and are your thoughts, feelings and actions in alignment with those?


Breaking the silence on mental health challenges is difficult, but so is staying silent and continuing to struggle. Ultimately, there is a choice to ask for help but receiving and accepting the help is what catapults one to change what needs changing to create optimal mental health and wellness for life.

Take good care and stay well.

About The Author
Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz

Glenda Dela Cruz is a Holistic Health and Mental Wellness Strategist. She helps people gain clarity and confidence in achieving their higher wellness goals so that they can live more fully and peacefully.

With passion in health promotion and disease prevention, Glenda focuses on strengthening mental health and lifestyle management while incorporating natural solutions like yoga, meditation, nature and aromatherapy.

A mental health resource speaker and a current rotary club president, she advocates for a deeper level of self care and informed decision making.

Glenda offers online wellness coaching/mentoring programs and also offers guided wellness retreats and detox program at a farm in Quezon province.


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