Jaide De Mesa: Inspiring Journeys in Life and Career Transitions

In a world that’s constantly shifting, it’s only inevitable that we go through transitions. Jaide De Mesa, affectionately known as “Haidee” to her family and “Jade” in the coaching sphere, understands this all too well. As a Life and Career Transition Coach, De Mesa guides individuals navigating significant life changes with grace and purpose.

From a Corporate Leader to a Life and Career Coach

Jaide’s journey into coaching began in 2019 after a 28-year tenure in Sales and Training with a multinational beauty company. She saw coaching as an opportunity to find her “next wind or passion in life” after her lengthy corporate career. Reflecting on her personal mission, she said, “I joined coaching to help my own smooth and purposeful transition.”

She noticed that four out of ten people she talked to were experiencing similar transitions and needed guidance. “Everyday we transition in our life or career,” she muses. “But when you transition or go through a career journey, it can also dramatically change your life.” She believes that her personal immersion research, life skills, and continuous studies equip her to provide clarity, intentional direction, and action.

Coaching Across Generations

Jaide’s focus ranges from coaching millennials transitioning careers, Gen Z launching their corporate or entrepreneurial pursuits, to Gen X seeking a fresh purpose beyond their 50s. She notes the challenging environment in the Philippines, a country where coaching is a budding industry and where family traditionally provides guidance. Yet, as she explains, “as we all move forward post the Pandemic, our life decisions take a challenging turn.” This shift has highlighted the need for professional, unbiased guidance.

Amid challenges, Jaide remains motivated and grounded. She cherishes her family time, quiet reflection, ongoing learning, and relationships with fellow coaches. She believes maintaining balance is the key, a principle that she also upholds in her coaching approach.

A Partnering Approach

What sets Jaide apart in her practice is her genuine partnership with her clients. “I share my thoughts—real talk style,” she expresses, underlining the importance of understanding and self-acceptance in embarking on new journeys. “I believe that having a career is not about how old you are, and I am trying to break that stereotype.”

Since 2019, Jaide has been trailblazing her path, aiding others on their life and career journey, partnering with clients, running workshops, and building an online community that provides inspiration. Her continuous growth and exploration of new fields, including a certification in psychology and corporate training, only enhance her effectiveness as a life and career coach.

Empowering Women for Success

Jaide firmly believes in the power of confidence and skills for women’s success. She advises women to gain clarity of purpose, acquire the necessary skills, understand the process, and draw inspiration from others’ failures and successes. She underlines the importance of mentorship and enjoying the journey.

“There are 2 essentials for success - Confidence and Skills. For women to journey forward we have to have clarity of purpose to gain confidence and joy in what we do. But it should also be coupled with the right skills . So understand the process- if you want to be the best home cook- research, practice , take inspiration from other people’s failure and success and have a good mentor. But most of all enjoy the journey!”

She invites those interested in learning from her expertise to join her online communities ‘Life’s Window by Jade’ and ‘Journey by Design by Coach Jade’. Additionally, she is collaborating with holistic wellness coach Glenda Dela Cruz for a special online session, ‘Unboxing Inner Peace: Taming the Triggers’ on July 11.

Finally, her message to those navigating life and career transitions is poignant:

"Take a moment to pause, THINK IN SILENCE not to relax but to ground your body and mind... If you need help find someone with unbiased thoughts, this way- you will know and learn to understand your truth."

Jaide De Mesa, with her compassionate coaching style and commitment to supporting her clients, demonstrates that transitions, while challenging, can be transformative. Amidst the flux of life and career, she remains as a guiding light, illuminating the path for those navigating their journey.

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