JESSICA VALENCIA: Transforming The Ordinary

There’s a certain magic about being a ‘work in progress’,” says Jessica Valencia, the entrepreneurial force behind FILED. With her infectious passion, dedication, and strategic vision, she’s been transforming the mundane into extraordinary since 2014.

Starting as an intern, Jessica, today, has become the leader who navigates the complex world of entrepreneurship and guides FILED into the hearts of its customers.

FILED’s roots are in academia, having been birthed from a college thesis project in 2007. Today, the brand stands as an inspiring testament to innovation with over a hundred unique products. Their steadfast mission is to make daily grind – at school, work, or life in general – more organized and fun. “Our drive is to turn your daily grind into something more fun and organized,” Jessica explains, underscoring the brand’s purpose and her own motivations.

Empowering Women in Business

Jessica’s goals go further; she is committed to leading change, breaking barriers, and fostering an environment where women are not merely participants but innovators and leaders. Her love for sales and business isn’t simply a personal preference; it’s part of a larger mission to reshape the way women are perceived in the professional world. Through her work, she aims to inspire other women to recognize their potential, embrace opportunities, and confidently take their place as equals in any industry they choose.

"At first, I just wanted to focus on being the best in what I do in Marketing but then, I learned Sales, and I loved it! Then I went on with embracing the world of business, and I felt that I wanted to have something on my own, something that I worked hard for and earned through my dedication and efforts. Considering that I am a woman, I want to prove that a woman can do what a man can do. Moreover, I want to empower women that they can lead and change the world, make a stand and of course a difference – who knows a man can’t do or hasn’t done yet. "

A Unique Business Approach

FILED aims its products at university students and young professionals, but the company’s vision extends far beyond simply providing tangible items. Rather than just selling products, FILED is dedicated to crafting meaningful experiences that resonate with the lives and aspirations of its target audience. This unique approach allows the brand to connect with its customers on a deeper level, transforming ordinary school and office tools into companions for studies, work, and life. By emphasizing the experience and memories associated with its products, FILED sets itself apart in the marketplace, creating not just customer satisfaction but lasting relationships and personal enrichment.

"Our business strategy is we don’t just sell a product but we inspire to sell an experience of a lifetime because we want our products to be our customers’ buddies in their studies, work and life itself. We aim that are products would not only be of good use to them but of best memories with them. Filed is not really just selling; rather, more of creating the best-ever life with YOU!"

Navigating Challenges with Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the retail industry, forcing businesses to either adapt or face significant setbacks. The FILED team responded swiftly to the crisis. Rather than succumbing to the closures and changes in consumer behavior, the company embarked on a path of innovation, demonstrating an uncanny ability to anticipate the market’s needs.

FILED introduced relevant and timely products such as an alcohol/sanitizer holder and an all-in-one sanitary care kit, aligning themselves with the newly emerged public health demands. These innovations were not reactive but rather proactive measures. As Jessica insightfully shares, “It’s like before they even thought that they needed it, we were already there for them.”

This approach illustrates a core principle that defines FILED: a commitment to understanding and serving their customer base in ways that go beyond mere transactions. By staying ahead of the curve and creating products that resonated with the unique challenges of the pandemic era, FILED turned a potential business crisis into an opportunity to strengthen its connection with customers.

Staying Motivated and Moving Forward

Despite the hurdles and challenges, Jessica remains invigorated and inspired. Her faith, coupled with a grateful attitude, fuels her entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Jessica, her main source of motivation comes from God. “I leave it all unto Him and I trust that everything will be well,” she shares with an infectious enthusiasm.

This faith doesn’t just inspire her; it’s the bedrock of her approach to life and business. Jessica’s ability to view each day’s success with astonishment and profound gratitude is a lesson in humility and determination. Her story invites us to consider our own sources of motivation, to recognize the daily miracles that often go unnoticed, and to approach each day with a heart full of gratitude. In a world where success can be fleeting and superficial, Jessica’s approach stands as a refreshing reminder that faith, gratitude, and a true sense of purpose can yield not just material success but a life rich with meaning and joy.

The lesson is clear: Embrace the challenges, trust in the process, and above all, believe in yourself. Because as Jessica puts it, “Breathe and YOU CAN!” Her message is more than a mantra; it’s a powerful lesson in resilience, perseverance, and self-belief that can guide and inspire women on their path to success.

What's next?

FILED is getting ready for the future, and they’re excited about their plans for the 2024 planner. They want to make something really special, so they’re inviting anyone with fresh ideas to help with everything from brainstorming to the final design. They know that working with different people can make their products even better. But that’s not all. They’re also offering a way for companies and university groups to get involved by putting their logos on special merchandise. It’s like building a community where everyone can be a part of something creative. It’s not just about making a planner or some custom merchandise; it’s about people working together, having fun, and making something they can all be proud of.

In a business landscape often dominated by bottom-line thinking, Jessica and FILED remind us that success can also be measured in relationships, innovation, and the ability to inspire others to strive for greatness. Through their unique approach to product development, they have managed to turn everyday items into something extraordinary. Their upcoming projects and collaborative efforts invite others to join in on this creative journey. FILED is not merely a brand, but a movement that inspires people to become their best selves. Whether it’s a planner that organizes your life or a simple holder that meets the needs of the times, they’re all about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Jessica’s journey embodies a new kind of success—one that not only grows a thriving business but elevates others along the way. Her story is a road map for entrepreneurs seeking to build not just a company, but a legacy.

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