Diving deep into the nuances of family dynamics, especially families with special needs, is a space where many fear to tread. Yet, in this unique niche, one remarkable woman stands out – Ms. Shiela Portillo.

Shiela is more than just a family coach. She’s a registered nurse, a mother of three – with two facing their unique challenges – and a genuine source of inspiration for many families. Her own experiences with her children shaped her into the passionate coach she is today, offering both empathy and invaluable insights to families on similar journeys.

The coaching industry has seen exponential growth in recent years. Shiela believes, With the increasing number of coaches now, it is important to have your own niche and build yourself applying your core values in your practice.”

For her, the mission is crystal clear. She engages with families, both with and without children who have special needs. And she isn’t just about strategies and counseling. The core values she treasures—trust, loving connection, and compassion—are the backbone of her programs. This heartfelt approach ensures that each family creates dynamics tailored to everyone’s needs, paving the way for harmony, inclusivity, and the ultimate goal: living their #blissfullife.

Her choice to become a certified family coach was deeply personal. Meeting other parents, many of whom shared her initial concerns and uncertainties, Shiela recognized the vast need for guidance and support. She’s taken her life’s lessons and channeled them into her webinars, providing families with crucial knowledge, insights, and strategies, all while championing mental well-being.

While Shiela’s expertise is especially beneficial for families with special needs children, her reach extends beyond. She’s a guiding hand for all families, offering assistance in nurturing healthy family dynamics and addressing relationship challenges.

Her clientele is diverse, spanning from children aged nine to young adults. Shiela’s method is uniquely comprehensive; she not only addresses the family as a collective but also delves into individual challenges. Understanding the widespread occurrence of mental health concerns, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, she collaborates closely with psychiatrists to offer a rounded, holistic approach to healing and growth.

One of the most common hurdles her clients face is the crippling weight of fear and self-doubt. Through innovative techniques like photo therapy, Shiela assists her clients in identifying and confronting the roots of their anxieties. This introspective journey enables individuals to cultivate self-compassion and trust, laying the groundwork for a confident and proactive future.

Every day, Shiela finds motivation in her routines of mindfulness and gratitude. Starting and ending her days on a positive note, she remains balanced, even when challenges arise. Her personal philosophy of living a #blissfullife deeply influences her coaching approach.

Outside of her coaching role, Shiela’s contributions are vast:

  • She recently concluded her term as the President of the Life Coach Toastmasters Club and is gearing up to serve as the Vice President for Membership for 2023-2024.
  • Collaborating with Coach Myke Celis in the “Coaching Essentials Workshop,” she’s also been a key player in the #bestmeever coaching team for events like the team-building initiative for United Robina Corporation.
  • She’s been a sought-after speaker and contributor at events and institutions, from MOMpreneur PH and Women at Work in TNC to St. Bridget College Batangas and UP Family Life and Child Development.
  • Always eager to learn, Shiela completed the #bestmeever accelerated group mentoring program in 2022 and recently finished her one-on-one mentoring with Master Coach Myke Celis.
  • Her most recent achievement? Joining the coaching team at Therify, a renowned mental healthcare provider based in the USA.


In the world of family coaching, Shiela Portillo stands as a shining example of passion, dedication, and the power of personal experience. As she continues to impact lives, her legacy in mindful family coaching is set to inspire countless more.

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