Harmonizing Motherhood and Ambition: Navigating Dual Roles with Grace and Grit

Motherhood and a career are often painted as parallel universes – separate, conflicting, and distinct. Yet, as I navigated the winding roads of both, I discovered they are more intertwined than one might think. Both motherhood and a career are transformative, often nudging women to reevaluate their life’s compass. Here are the lessons I’ve learned as I’ve grappled with the dual demands of being a mom and a professional:

Childbirth - Embracing the Unpredictable:

While countless books and online resources offer guidance, the unpredictability of motherhood is best absorbed through lived experience. Every journey, just like every child, is unique. Consider the vast differences in breastfeeding experiences or the unpredictability of sleep schedules. For instance, while one baby may seamlessly adapt to breastfeeding, another might face challenges. It was in these unpredictable moments that I honed my agility, reminding myself to cherish every high and low.

Post Maternity - Daily Emotional Shifts:

Before the advent of Work-From-Home (WFH) opportunities, transitioning back to the corporate environment post-maternity was a whirlwind of emotions. There were days when leaving my child behind felt like leaving a part of my heart. Yet, this period taught me the unparalleled resilience a mother’s heart possesses – capable of shedding tears in one moment and laser-focusing on tasks the next.

Mom at Work - A Broadened Perspective:

As I settled into the rhythm of motherhood, my empathy reservoir for fellow working mothers deepened. I found myself more understanding when a colleague had to leave early for a school event or empathized more with the challenges they faced. This newfound perspective became a grounding force, creating a bridge between my professional and personal worlds.

First Day of School - Learning and Unlearning:

Watching my son step into the world of education was a lesson in trust. While the protective instinct in me soared, I had to unlearn certain fears to empower him. For instance, when he came home with tales of playground conflicts, I had to reevaluate my reactions, focusing more on guidance than interference.

Young Adulting - Cool Integration:

As my son transitioned into his teenage years, I realized the need to evolve with him. Parenting a young adult means adapting to their fluid world. Instead of imposing boundaries, I sought to understand his universe. This period highlighted the importance of mentorship, ensuring I guide without overshadowing.

New Road - Merging Worlds:

A time comes when the lines between a mother’s and child’s world blur, leading to potential conflicts. In these times, embracing values like acceptance and respect is paramount. For instance, when my son chose a career path different from what I envisioned, I had to reconcile my dreams with his, recognizing his right to carve his own journey.

Child’s Thought - Inspiring Growth:

One of the most heartwarming realizations was watching my son find inspiration in my career achievements. Growing up with a career-oriented mother had ingrained values of independence and efficient time management in me, and it was gratifying to see these virtues reflected in him. Success, I realized, wasn’t just personal – it was generational.

Integrate, Don't Choose:

The age-old debate of choosing between career and motherhood is redundant in today’s dynamic world. Current work arrangements offer unprecedented flexibility, allowing mothers to weave their professional ambitions around family priorities seamlessly. Instead of compartmentalizing life, we can now curate a fulfilling mosaic of experiences.

Embrace Ambition:

There’s a misconception that ambition and motherhood are antithetical. Yet, I’ve come to see that ambition doesn’t detract from my role as a mother; instead, it enriches it. By pursuing my dreams, I’m not only fulfilling my aspirations but also showcasing to my child the value of perseverance and hard work.
The intertwining paths of motherhood and a career are filled with challenges, surprises, and invaluable lessons. They aren’t mutually exclusive but rather two facets of a holistic journey. Through all the trials and tribulations, remember this: Every moment isn’t just about time passing by; it’s about lessons being learned. Embrace the journey.
About The Author
Jaide De Mesa

Jaide De Mesa

Jaide "Jade" De Mesa is a Life & Career Transition Coach with an expansive 28-year background in Sales, Leadership, and Training. Her versatile career includes roles as a Management Consultant and Learning Facilitator with renowned affiliations including Noomii Professional Coaches of Canada and Metamorphosis Consulting Group.

Jade's credentials extend to her certification as a Management Consultant, underlining her proficiency in strategic planning and problem-solving. Currently, she is enriching her expertise by pursuing a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology.

Primarily, Jade champions the cause of life and career transition, providing tailored guidance to starters, shifters, and advancers. With her deep understanding of professional dynamics and personal growth, she stands as a powerful ally for individuals navigating their career journeys.

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