FEATURED COACH: Transition Journeys with Jaide De Mesa

Jaide “Jade” De Mesa is more than a coach; she is a dedicated wife and mother to a Gen Z, a life-long learner, a foodie and an art enthusiast.

As a devoted spouse and mother, Jaide’s personal life is rich with roles shaping her coaching approach. With a progressive climb from a Trainer to a Senior Leadership role in a multinational company, she discovered her zeal for mentorship and leadership. As a seasoned Life Transition and Career Development Coach, Jaide has carved a niche in guiding individuals navigating through the complex journey of life’s many changes. She is also a contributing member of the Philippine Mental Health Association.

Transitioning Passions into Coaching

Her transition from corporate leader to Life Transition and Career Development Coach is where Jaide found her true calling. She brings forth a wealth of knowledge, bolstered by her certifications in coaching and consultancy, and a diploma in Modern Applied Psychology.

Since the inception of her coaching career, she’s been helping others improve their personal and professional lives. It was her own life’s transitions that ignited Jaide’s passion for coaching.

From single life to marriage and integrating motherhood with a corporate career, Jaide emphasizes the power of having a supportive coach. Her expertise in Life Transition and Career Development Coaching began in 2019, marking her commitment to guiding others through their life chapters.

Jaide’s coaching philosophy was shaped by her personal evolution through life’s various stages. She realized the significant impact of having a coach—an unbiased ally during times of change. “Navigating life’s changes can be overwhelming,” Jaide shares. “I chose this path to be that ally for others, to guide them through their unique journeys.”

The Audience of Change

Jaide’s audience is as diverse as the transitions they face. Her mission is to provide guidance for those looking to build confidence, find direction, or pursue a fresh start.

She casts a wide net, aiming to reach individuals at different crossroads, regardless of their career phase or age. Jaide believes in the ubiquity of life’s transitions and stands ready to lend her expertise.

“Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional, transitions don’t discriminate. I’m here to coach you towards your personal and professional summits.”

Overcoming Obstacles with Clarity and Confidence

According to Jaide, readiness and confidence are often hindered by a lack of self-clarity. One of the most common hurdles she encounters is a lack of self-clarity and confidence among her coaches. Jaide approaches this challenge with a personalized method, fostering self-discovery while respecting individual values and beliefs. Her advice is rooted in authenticity and tailored to each person’s story. 

Learning & Growth

Staying motivated, Jaide asserts, is about intentional mental nurturing. She practices what she preaches by regularly disconnecting to replenish her motivation. She finds her drive in simple pleasures and believes in maintaining a motivated mindset. This simple yet profound practice involves engaging in leisure activities, highlighting that motivation is a state of mind, accessible and maintainable by everyone.

The most gratifying aspect of her job? Learning from her coachees and witnessing their growth. “Each success story is a learning opportunity, a chance to see the world through another’s eyes,” she reflects with warmth.

Jaide differentiates herself with a unique blend of life skills, real-life experiences, and a commitment to education. Her coaching style is personable, relatable, and free from judgment—qualities that make her stand out.

" Every coach brings unique qualities to the table. I take pride in my strengths, which lie in my life skills, real-life experiences, and ongoing education. My passion, dedication, and unbiased approach- that is casual and free from judgment of your personal story. "

Jaide's Trifecta for Success

Her threefold advice for success includes acquiring hard skills, gaining confidence from life experiences, and seeking insights from a coach for better preparedness.

" To navigate our desired path and achieve success, skills and confidence are essential. Hard skills can be acquired through education and job experience, gradually mastered over time. Confidence, on the other hand, often stems from life experiences. It's from overcoming challenges, embracing moments of pain, embarrassment, or failure. Alternatively, you can gain insight from a coach- allowing you to take a glimpse, to better prepare and adapt more effectively. "

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