Silent Stuggles: Breaking the Silence on Mental Health Challenges

Opening up about our mental health experiences is difficult and many of us silently struggle without seeking support. While there are several reasons why many people struggle silently, thefear due to stigma and discrimination is often one of the most common barriers to seeking help.

8 ways to create an elegant-looking home

8 Ways To Create An Elegant Home They say that living your best life starts in your home.  The sense of inner peace through an organized and beautifully decorated home allows you to find clarity, inspiration, and fulfillment. But, most of us think that creating a beautiful home is expensive.  The good news is that […]

How To Raise Your Vibe When Life Feels Like A Downward Spiral

How To Raise Your Vibe When Life Feels Like A Downward Spiral Two years ago, I started following my bliss and it was one of the best parts of my life experiences. After two years, I found myself all over the place.  I felt messy and uninspired. I faced different kinds of triggers and past wounds resurfaced. […]

ANALYN ALOPOOP: Grounded In Faith, Guided By Vision

Analyn, more popularly known as Anne to her family and friends is the Vice-President of ACDC. She co-founded this company during the pandemic with a vision to create an organization that is people-oriented.

RHONE MALAGA: Empowering Others, Breaking Limits

RHONE MALAGA: Empowering Others, Breaking Limits Many people fail to reach their dreams not because of lack of talent, resources, or connections, but because they limit themselves. We must understand that our mindset affects everything we tell ourselves. Mindset is a set of beliefs, thoughts, and knowledge about yourself and the world you live in.  Your mindset […]

New Perspective On Emotional Triggers

Most of the time, we view them as something unpleasant and unacceptable. For those who have the same kind of protective mechanism, like me, we usually would want just to run away from them so we can avoid the negativity that they bring.

Anna Leah Luna- Raven: A Story of Confidence, Resilience, and Passion

Sometimes we feel as though our dreams are far beyond our reach. The lengths we would go to get something we really want are more often equivalent to how much we long for it. These are just some of the words that Anna Leah Luna-Raven has lived by and now wishes to share with her readers – she had always dreamt of putting something out there that would inspire people, hopefully change their lives, make them feel that they are not alone, and assure them that their experiences are both valid and valued.

Why you should not work overtime

Why you should not work overtime Working overtime is something people applaud, but what if I told you that you shouldn’t work overtime?  Yes, one or two times a week are fine, but working overtime almost every day could be unhealthy.   Here are the reasons why it’s not a good idea to work overtime: Work […]

5 ways to spark creativity according to a creativity coach

5 ways to spark creativity according to a creativity coach I used to think that creativity is something only artists or special people are born with.  In my early years in school, I have accepted the fact that I lacked artistic or creative ability until I learned, through self-help books and further studies, that we’re […]