Tips in Building an Online Business

We all wanted to set up an online business at one significant part of our quarantine lives. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen more and more people build their businesses online. If you’re like me, thinking “Hey, creating a business just got easier!”, think again! There are still a lot of things to consider. I think the most important one is your reason. Why do you want to build a business? A lot of people find themselves lost because they built their online business for the wrong reasons.
A good foundation makes a strong business, and dedication plays a big role in keeping your business going. 
To guide you, read these guidelines, or as I call them, The Lucky 7 points to success

Create a Business Plan

Start creating a business plan. Indicate your target market, know your budget, create your foundations, and set your priorities straight! Browse possible problems and prepare for them. Remember, being two steps ahead is better than being one step behind. 

Take a look at the Demand

Will your business contribute to anything? Is it innovational or will it be another piece of junk at the back of the closet? Find the hole in the market that your business will fill. This way, you will know who and where to find your market. 

Niche down

Don’t think you can serve everything. By choosing a niche to focus on, you will be able to produce great results in products or services. You will be able to establish trust from consumers because what you sell will be under your area of expertise, and guess what, your chances of winning and standing out will be greater. 

Expand your Horizons

You’re already on the internet, broaden your horizons! Make use of the platforms your target market uses. Pick the one that will best suit your business. Make sure you are always lingering in their feeds. One trick I have in my sleeve is to be noticed from the side, just be there, lingering in the back of their minds. Through this, they will grow familiar with your brand and you will most likely be the one they will have in mind when they need your products or services. 

Find a team

As much as the idea of one-man teams seem good – you work for everything, you profit from everything – you will be exhausted by the end of the month. Think long term! You’ve already invested in the business, make sure it (and you) will last long. Yes, even online  businesses operate in teams.

Make sure you're seen

Invest in branding. Have an identity and a reputation where your audience can hold onto. Create cohesive designs to gain a better identity for your business. And yes, your Instagram feed really is everything. Aesthetics are a part of branding however, it is not everything.
Want to know the difference between a brand and a business? Click here! 

Focus on your strategies

You know the real ticket to success? Strategy. Do you want to invest in marketing your business through email? Content? Maybe invest in influencers? Research on what your business has and should have.  
Find the perfect strategy. Set your goals and achieve it – there are no excuses. Don’t keep yourself anxious about failing. Make mistakes and mishaps, don’t worry, stand back up, find another approach. 
Nowadays, building a business may be easier but you still have to back yourself up with a great mindset, discipline, and a strong reason to keep your business moving forward. Use the Lucky 7 points listed above to guide you and pave your road to success!  
About The Author
Maggie Regacho

Maggie Regacho

Maggie is Featured PH’s Associate Editor.  She is also a brand and graphic designer, a success-driven student and an aspiring educator. She is a feminist that loves being organized and productive. Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/keki.kreatives/

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