KRISTINE LOYOLA: Empowering Filipino Virtual Assistants

Some jobs require more technical skills and a certain level of expertise, whereas others simply require sweat, a drive within oneself, and a sense of purpose to learn and get a hold of the ropes. With operations being digitized and automated progressively across businesses worldwide, more and more people are witnessing an evident paradigm shift on the way businesses are functioning today.  As more of these businesses transition online, their capability to expand gradually becomes easier for they can showcase their products through online retail platforms in the likes of Amazon.
Not only is Amazon one of the Big Five entities in the information and technology industry in the States, but it is also considered the largest and leading e-commerce and shopping site in the world.  It is a giant when it comes to online shopping, with their monthly traffic averaging over 1.87 billion users. That being the case, it comes as no surprise that more employers continue to seek the help of virtual assistants to manage their online platforms, thus providing opportunities for people who wish to find employment and be able to work anytime, anywhere.
Kristine Loyola, a Radio Broadcaster, an experienced Communications & Confidence Trainer, motivational speaker, has managed to be in a partnership with a team of eCommerce professionals with decades of experience in the Amazon world — they are the professionals behind one of the most popular VA training centers in the Philippines called The Seller Universe Academy.
The Seller Universe Academy is comprised of Filipinos who started as Virtual Assistants and who understand the changing landscape of the country’s remote work industry. Their objective is to help aspiring Amazon virtual assistants cope with the constantly changing times by providing them assistance and gearing them up for remote work. With the simplified course that they offer, one can become a high-paying Amazon professional regardless of their experience or credentials.

"Seller Universe Academy, the brand that I'm partnering with right now, aims to equip & empower aspiring AMAZON virtual assistants. I LOVE THAT, we are on the same page when it comes to helping people, tapping one's fullest potential, I'm truly a believer of Matthew 4:19, Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Kristine’s heart has always been set into helping more people succeed and she uses the years of experience she has in the training and consulting industry in tapping her clients’ fullest potential. She loves that she’s able to be a part of a team that’s in line with the vision of having a sustainable income anytime, anywhere. She believes that through Seller Universe Academy, they can help more Filipinos have the time, money, and location freedom they deserve and aspire to achieve.

"My mantra since I started in the Training & Consulting industry is, 'as you press forward in helping more people achieve their dreams, the Universe will send you the right people & tools so you can also achieve yours' It happens, I see it happening, all the time."

Kristine regards that the freedom to be at home with loved ones while earning is priceless. Meditating, praying, reading John Maxwell’s books, and staying connected with friends keep her motivated to reach her goals. She also considers her family as one of her main priorities and her fuel towards being an effective motivational speaker. She believes that fostering generosity should start at home. One of her favorite things to do is helping her daughter, Gab, be better at the things she loves. She enjoys homeschooling Gab and thinks that doing so has taught her a lot about work and motherhood.
She also believes that starting the Seller Universe Academy can give one enjoyment as one learns. It is not just your regular program, course, or training, as the company is currently running and managing huge and well-known Amazon brands. With their guaranteed internship program and real-time applications of Amazon theories and concepts, they will equip you with top-notch skills to become a high-income and sought-after VA.
Kristine finds happiness in what she has accomplished by far, as well as in being part of a brand that aligns with her vision and values.

"I'm proud that my heart is to really be of help and to fully utilize HIS gifts to me. Nung nag-pandemic, that wisdom from our Creator was so clear, to be used for His glory and to capitalize the gifts of speaking/training to unleash one's potential."

For Kristine, a powerful mindset is essential for one to succeed.

"The GRIT and the GO-getter attitude! You gotta keep going even if the going gets tough, especially if you already KNOW what you really want for YOURSELF."

If you’re one of those people who wants to have a work-life balance and wish to join the Amazon VA workforce but don’t know where to start, Seller Universe Academy can help you. The Amazon VA course is for anyone who wants to have a shift in their career and venture into Amazon freelancing. It is for aspiring freelancers who want to work from home full-time and still be able to earn 6-figures and up.
Kristine has this message for people who want to succeed in life, work, or business:
“Two things. First, gratitude has its superpower.  Maximize it.  Every day, I thank God for every conversation I have with my clients, for every unclosed and closed deals.  EVERYTHING.  When you’re thankful, you’ll end up having more.  Second, I love one of Oprah’s mantras, ‘Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher,’ Law of Association.  It works!”
Learn more about Seller Universe Academy at https://www.selleruniverse.ph/
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Nira Macaspac

Nira Macaspac

Nira is a brand and online biz strategist for women. She is also an educator and a digital media publisher. She has worked as a content producer for different digital media publications in Asia and the Philippines such as People in Asia, Manila Bulletin, StyleMNL, and When in Manila. She has coached several women about branding, personal and professional development. Visit her website at http://www.niramacaspac.com

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